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Son Of Dave: A Flat City (Album)

Son of Dave is an internationally renowned maverick Bluesman. This one-man harmonica & beat-box genius beats his own path, turning rhythm and blues upside down and gathering a huge army of devoted fans from all walks of life.

Taken from his latest album, the lead single, "Where's The Party At?", has a cool music video to accompany, and the single features Celeigh Cardinal, an A-list soul vocalist and Indigenous Canadian artist.

Kristy Cox: Let It Burn (Album)

Acclaimed Bluegrass artist Kristy Cox has released her brand new Billy Blue Records’ album "Let It Burn". Setting the music world ablaze with her 8th album release, Kristy’s distinctive blend of Bluegrass meets Country meets Americana sounds has produced a fiery addition to her impressive discography.

Rema: Benin Boys (Single)

Global superstar and Mavin Global/Jonzing World artist Rema unveiled a blockbuster music video for newly released single “Benin Boys” featuring rising Nigerian artist Shalipoppi. The song is a tribute to Benin City, from which they both hail while the video is packed with symbolism and touchstones of Benin culture.

Grace Pettis: Down To The Letter (Album)

Award-winning singer-songwriter Grace Pettis has released her cathartic new record Down To The Letter. Following her critically acclaimed Working Woman album, Pettis' much-anticipated sophomore MPress Records release pulls no punches and captures the Nashville-based, Alabama-Austin-raised singer-songwriter at the peak of her songwriting powers.

DLÙ: Close To (Album)

Celebrated Glasgow-based Gaelic indie-trad band DLÙ are set to release their highly anticipated, dance-inspired album Close To. Weaving a blend of fast-paced traditional music with elements of indie, funk, rock and pop, DLÙ have created a distinctive sound on what will be their second album.

Tia Wood: Dirt Roads (Album)

Plains Cree and Coast Salish singer-songwriter Tia Wood releases her highly anticipated debut record “Dirt Roads” on Sony Music Entertainment Canada.


Tia was born and raised in Saddle Lake Cree Nation, a community of about 6000 people in Treaty 6 territory, a roughly two-hour drive east of the Alberta capital of Edmonton, and her family carries a rich musical and cultural heritage

Meghan Trainor: Timeless(Album)

GRAMMY® Award-winning hitmaker Meghan Trainor has released her sixth full-length album, Timeless. The 16-track record is pop perfection, complete with ballads, bops, and everything in between!

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