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Rachel Kerr: Masterpeace

Multi-award-winning UK recording artist Rachel Kerr has unveiled her long-awaited debut album, Masterpeace, which features lead single “I Do”. More than a debut album, Masterpeace was four years in the making and reveals Rachel’s most authentic, vulnerable and ground-breaking songs to date. Choosing to write and co-produce all 11 tracks herself, Masterpeace is an undiluted and unapologetic expression of Rachel Kerr’s most sincere musical work.

Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita: ECHO

The album celebrates the tenth anniversary of an extraordinary partnership between two virtuosos whose previous releases include 2018's acclaimed album SOAR, and their 2013 debut Clychau Dibon, both of which garnered industry awards across the globe. ECHO marks the third part of this remarkable trilogy.

Morgan Toney: First Flight

22-year old Morgan Toney is a Mi’kmaq singer-songwriter and fiddler from Wagmatcook First Nation in what is commonly known as Nova Scotia. Touching hearts around the globe singing in Mi’kmaq, Morgan shares the teaching of his Elders by fusing ancestral songs with Celtic tunes, creating a new sound that Morgan and producer Keith Mullins affectionately call Mi’kmaltic.

Andrew Leahey & The Homestead: Americana Static Volume 2

Andrew Leahey & the Homestead are a classic band for the modern age, rolling a decades-spanning wealth of influences — the highway-bound hooks of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, the sweeping guitars of George Harrison, the concise power-pop of Cheap Trick, the piano craft of Harry Nilsson — into a contemporary sound.

Elles Bailey: Shining In The Half Light

Multi-award-winning Elles Bailey hits the top of her native genre charts with her acclaimed new album ‘Shining In The Half Light’: #1 in the Official Blues charts; #2 in the Official Americana charts; and #4 in the Official Independent Charts.


In a landmark breakthrough for an independent artist, Elles’ ‘Shining In The Half Light’ also appeared on the RADAR of the UK Charts, reaching #11 in the mid-week charts and is now sandwiched between Whitney Houston and Adele, just a handful of sales away from appearing in the UK’s Top 40. For a fully independent, grassroots artist, without the clout of a major label, this is one hell of an achievement.

Angelique Francis: Long River

It takes so much more than a strong voice, songs, and performing ability to break through the ocean’s swell of talent out there; it also takes a special ‘something’ that, while hard to pinpoint, is undeniably irresistible… With that, there’s no denying powerhouse blues singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Angelique Francis has ‘it,’ and she’s letting it flow for the immense pleasure of listeners everywhere with the release of her highly anticipated second album, Long River !

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