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Jenny Biddle: Hoping For A Hero

At first glance, you wouldn’t assume her 5-foot-tall stature will burst into a fiery powerhouse of well-seasoned guitar expeditions. Intertwining savoury melodies with speculative lyrics, Jenny Biddle, wraps herself around her guitar, and like a marriage between body and instrument, she commands the guitar to talk “with uncommon skill and absolute self-assurance”. Her audience is compelled to join her on a voyage of passion and story in song.

Currently based in Scotland, the Australian indie blues & roots songsmith has handmade several acoustic guitars, plays a wicked blues harp, is a proficient pianist, can bust out bubbling banjo ballad if bullied, and if that isn’t annoying enough, she dabbles in graphic design for her own albums and merch, releasing music and touring the world as an entirely independent musician.

Jenny recently won the  female category in the Blues & Roots Radio International Song Contest for her song, Hero In Me (Hero In You, Sequel)

Loveridge: As The Crow Flies

The name itself is Toby Lobb's middle name, inherited from his great grandfather Loveridge Lobb who was renowned in Padstow, and much further afield, for his love of music and performance. After years of wanting to get thoughts from pen and paper, to an old guitar and then out into the big wide world, Toby sat down, recorded a few songs in a small room and 'Loveridge' was born.

Switching between folk-inspired tales of the sea & his beloved Cornwall as well as more contemporary tunes about love, life, loss & redemption, there is always a common theme running through each song.

This is honest music about life as we all know it as well as memories of lives gone by. You win some, you lose some and now, in Toby's case, you occasionally write a song or two about it.

If you're after an acoustic artist to provide you with heartfelt original songs, look no further than 'Loveridge'.

Kate Lush Band: Headline

U.S. Blues Blast Magazine hailed her as the ‘Tsunami from Down Under” adding, “Like Dave Hole and Fiona Boyes before her, it won’t be long before Kate Lush becomes a household name among blues lovers in the U.S.”

The Australian Blues Chain Award winner is in creative overdrive, firing out consecutive #1 Albums In Australia & the U.S. as well as hitting the European charts. At home she has been rocking festival stages at Blues On Broadbeach, Thredbo Blues Festival, Girrakool, Mitchell Creek, Aust. Music Week as well as Blues Across the Bay & many more. She hit the main Blues U.S. RMR chart at #11 alongside Norah Jones, Mr Sipp, Tedeschi Trucks, Samantha Fish, Taj Mahal, the Rolling Stones & Robert Cray among other greats.

Internationally acclaimed Kate Lush has won various awards including most recently the band category for her song 'Jackson', in the Blues and Roots Radio International Song Contest.

Corn Nut Creek: Feels Like Travelling Home

Australian-based singer-songwriter old-time and bluegrass duo Corn Nut Creek have launched their first EP, Feels Like Travelling Home, a collection of five bright and fresh original folk tracks. This new album is unique mix of old-timey Appalachia-style tunes, soulful melodies and hard fiddle-driven Bluegrass.

Melbourne-based Tanya Bradley and Sydney-based Danielle Vita met nine years ago in Hong Kong, where they played together as part of the Dulcet Tone Collective, a modern five-piece folk orchestra. It was here they discovered their mutual love of folk and bluegrass music and the seeds of a beautiful and creative partnership were planted.

Feels Like Travelling Home is their first studio EP and includes heartfelt odes to young motherhood, such as Baby Blue and Belong To You, while fiddle medley Chicken In The Kitchen/ Harper & Louis add an upbeat kick in the middle of the playlist. Other tracks, such as The House is Falling Down and Nowhere to Go, continue in the bluegrass and Americana folk music traditions of Alison Krauss and I’m With Her.

Mitch Jean: All I Ever Need

Mitch Jean is a country rock singer, a songwriter and a producer.  His edgy rock twist blends uniquely well with his energetic modern country feel.  He is often compared to artists such as Tim Hicks, Dean Brody and Eric Church. 

Mitch signed with Willow Sound Records in 2020 and is working with industry professional and award winner Tara Shannon (Ottawa).  They are getting ready to release Mitch's 5th single "All I Ever Need" this year. 

Born in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada, Mitch fell in love with music at a very young age. His solo project is a new journey inspired by a long time passion to reach out to all, and share his sound and stories through his music.

Fresh Breath: 2020 Singles

Canadian couple Josh & Katie Pascoe, are an Alt-Country duo that will not be kicked down. Even after the gut punch of 2020, the year in which the pair quit their day jobs & became full time artists. They transformed into a freight train of musical force. With five brand new single releases in 2020 alone, including their track ‘Likes & Shares’. A song about social media that has been charting on online radio platforms. Placing it in the Top 20 Charts for Canadian Online Radio for three consecutive weeks. These five new singles have gained them lots of attention on platforms like YouTube, where each release comes to life in it's own Official Music Video. 


Fresh Breath officially released 5 studio singles in 2020. They were finalists in the Blues and Roots Radio International Song Contest 2020 with their song 'Make It Together'.

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