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Onoleigh: Make It Hurt

With “Make It Hurt,” Onoleigh further solidifies her name as a country artist. Her debut single “Ghost Stories” was released in May and surpassed 20,000 streams within the first month of release. Onoleigh plans to continue releasing music throughout 2021, including her debut EP, featuring songs co-written with John Oates (Hall & Oates), Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift), and producer Brandon Hood.


Onoleigh moved to Nashville to pursue her dream as a country artist after graduating from The University of Missouri, where she earned a degree in Social Work. Influenced by her upbringing and experiences, her main goal as an artist is to speak for the speechless and love the unlovable through themes of independence, confidence, and kindness.

Taj Weekes: PAUSE

Taj poetically captured this stunning reality with a profound reflection of the times by writing deeply rooted emotional lyrics that comprise his new album, ‘PAUSE.’ Taj believes this could well be his most outstanding album to date.


“This album was written during the most important year of my life. The year the music stopped and about everything else in between” ~ Taj Weekes


“PAUSE reveals a musical diary of introspection imposed by clashing and conflicting affronts on humanity. The album touches on the insidiousness of politics, racism and disease.

Cody Feechan: State Of Confusion

Cody Feechan is a singer-songwriter from Fife, Scotland, who has been noticed for her unique voice and subtle Scottish lilt that shines through in her songs. Taking influences from all sorts of genres, Cody's music is best described as Alternative Rock with a touch of Pop. Playing with her full band, Cody has been going from strength to strength over the past few years. Keir Smith (Lead Guitar), James McMurray (Keyboard & Backing Vocals), James Martin (Bass) and Stephen MacLeod (Drums).

BECAH: Reminders

Lurgan, Northern Ireland based indie alternative artist BECAH has released a stunning single and accompanying video 'Reminders'. The second single from her upcoming debut EP 'Freak', due out later this year, Reminders uses BECAH's hypnotically tender vocal, backed up by electronic synths, electric guitar and vulnerable lyrics to tell of her experiences, digging deep and drawing into those darker parts of us we like to keep hidden away.


Having cultivated her art playing the local scene over the last number of years, BECAH has in that time secured support slots for renowned acts including that of Aslan, The Four of Us, and Brian Kennedy, most recently playing on the same bill as Brian Houston, Sam Wickens and Amy Montgomery.

Montgomery Church: Where The Quiet Can Hide

Cielle Montgomery and James Church are Montgomery Church - a blend of acoustic folk, Americana and Bluegrass influences, grown and distilled in the Snowy Mountain ranges of NSW. With their organic union of dobro, guitar and harmony vocals, this captivating duo are breaking ground in the contemporary folk-country music scene through the masterful control of their instruments, inspired songwriting and magnetic live performances. They have toured far and wide and graced the stages of many iconic festivals including Nannup Music Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Groundwater Country Music Festival & Americanafest in Nashville.

Manny Blu: DEViL

Canadian country-punk artist Manny Blu has released his sophomore EP DEViL. The EP contains five tracks, "Train," "Might As Well Lead," Valet," "Circle Up," and "Rusty Things,” all written by well-acclaimed songwriters including Michael Hardy, Ryan Hurd, Craig Wiseman, and more.


DEViL is a complete country mixtape that Manny Blu delivers with solid vocals and his developed style. It combines love stories, ballads, and one powerhouse country rock-infused party anthem that every listener can relate to and enjoy. The EP also features collaborations with Blaine Holcomb and Canadian vocalist, and fellow Montreal-native, Brittany Kennell.

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