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Kane Incognitos: Eyes Wide Open

Hailing from the stark, prairie metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta, Kane Incognito is the dynamic brainchild of lead singer/songwriter Eric Kane Cherrington.


A deep, spine-chilling blend of folk and rock is delivered from the magnetic four piece Canadian band, Kane Incognito. Driven behind unyielding passion and heart-felt energy, this is a sound unlike any other. Powerful vocals raise hairs and leave listeners breathless. Dynamic instrumentals leave bodies feeling amazingly invigorated. It’s a compelling sound that, upon delivery, is best described as a shockwave right into the depths of your soul.

Kenny Hughes: Run Along

Run Along is a tribute to a few of South African Blues Rocker Kenny Hughes' favourite guitarists, particularly, guitarists that inspired him to pick up a guitar for the first time.

The second verse of the new single 'Run Along' is made up, just as the rest of the song's verses, of four lines. These four lines, though, are direct references to four of Kenny's favourite guitarists/songs. Each of these songs had a direct influence on his playing style:


"Powder never was my thing" by Eric Clapton "Cocaine" (J.J. Cale)

"Tried to snap my little wing" by Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing"

"Not one of the sultans learned to swing" by Mark Knopfler "Sultans of Swing

"I'm not one for slow dancing" by John Mayer "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room"

Oscar and The Wolf: The Shimmer

Belgian pop superstar Max Colombie, a.k.a. Oscar and the Wolf announces his new album The Shimmer, due 22nd October on [PIAS] Recordings. Along with the cover art and the 11-song tracklisting of his highly anticipated third album, Max also unveils the brand-new single “Oliver” and its self-directed accompanying video.


The sultry new single shows Max at the top of his game. A tropical beat welcomes Colombie’s sensual voice while an alluring guitar draws us further into his dreamworld. “Oliver” is a post-heatwave sundown set to shimmering synths with Colombie acting as a tantalizing snake charmer.

Kate Reid: Caroline

Caroline is the captivating new single from Glasgow songstress Kate Reid, inspired by the late Amy Winehouse. The single is set for release on Friday 23rd July, marking the ten-year anniversary of the retro-soul icon’s death.


Featuring fierce lyrics on top of a beautiful piano melody, with a powerful accordion accompaniment, Caroline describes feelings of despair and loneliness and the futility of using alcohol to numb the pain.


The track was written by Kate’s friend David McSweeney in a coffee shop in Glasgow’s West End, shortly after the death of Amy Winehouse in 2011. David is a songwriter who fronted the Glasgow-based band Surround for around 20 years.

Andy McGarvie: Going About This

There’s no question that Andy McGarvie is a guitar player of advanced ability. The Melbourne musician has spent countless hours absorbing the influence of Led Zeppelin and John Mayer as well jazz guru Wes Montgomery and prog-punk outfit The Mars Volta.


McGarvie has spent equal parts of his musical life as both a songwriter and bandleader, as well as a gun-for-hire session musician both in his home of Melbourne and in his adopted home of London. He has been nominated as a finalist in both the Vanda and Young Songwriting Prize, as well as the Melbourne Blues Society’s performer of the year. It is under his own moniker, however, that McGarvie really honed his craft, finding the liberty to truly express himself.

Maggie May Davis: One Way Ticket

We all have those deep, life moments; where you feel like you are in the right place, at the right time, doing what you are meant to do. That is how May Davis feels when she performs. Her energy radiates from her in the form of soulful lyrics and raw, genuine vocals.


Often compared to the likes of legendary vocalists like Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks and Norah Jones, Davis has been coined to have " ....the voice of an angel hit by a Whiskey truck" and is sure to intoxicate audiences with her witty stage presence and folk-inspired Americana music. She released her first Solo Album, Denim Blues, in 2019 and recently became a recipient of AmplifyBC's Career Development grant.

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