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The Waterboys: Good Luck, Seeker

The Waterboys, one of the most creative, loved and literate bands of the last four decades, have released their 14th studio album, Good Luck, Seeker. Its 14 songs are populated by unrepentant freaks, soul legends, outlaw film stars and 20th Century mystics, drawing inspiration from the Stones, Kate Bush, Sly and Kendrick as well as Mike Scott’s very own musical past. Part song diary, part epic spoken word adventure, Good Luck, Seeker is a new departure for the restless sonic magician and his merry band of fellow travelers, drawing together the many glistening strands of the band’s unique, wondrous journey.

Molly Tuttle: .. But I'd Rather Be With You

Tuttle has been working on writing another album of all original songs and is still planning to record that this year, but in the meantime she wanted to share these covers that have lifted her spirits, in hopes that you’ll find some much-needed joy as well. Tuttle remembers playing “Olympia, WA” with her middle school rock band, listening to “How Can I Tell You” over and over after her dog died while she was away at college, and playing “Standing on the Moon” with her brother Sullivan and lifelong friend AJ Lee at her San Francisco album release show, and feeling all of the hometown love in the room.


There is no real theme to the songs she has chosen, but they all bring her back to vivid moments in time -- highs and lows. This album is also meant to be a timestamp, capturing this unique moment in the world when all of us have had to find ways to keep going in the face of this terrible pandemic. Tuttle never would have thought she’d be spending 2020 in her room learning Pro Tools and recording a covers album, but she's grateful that she has a home and can shelter in, and that she had time to record for you these special songs that have meant a lot to her during her life.

Colter Wall: Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs

Western Canadian songwriter, Colter Wall, is a weathered baritone that spins narratives on the stage. He sings traditionals known to most, historic reverie, and poignant originals, raising both goosebumps and beers throughout the evening. It’s a nostalgic atmosphere and a simple yet colorful experience.

On his third album, Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs, Wall’s 10-track ode to the themes and labors of western life, picks up where his last album left off, with a reverence for his “working cowboy kin.”

Bettye Lavette: Blackbirds

Three time Grammy nominee Bettye LaVette is no mere singer. She is not a song writer, nor is she a "cover" artist. She is an interpreter of the highest order. Bettye is one of very few of her contemporaries who were recording during the birth of soul music in the 60s and is still creating vital recordings today. To quote the late, great George Jones: "Bettye is truly a 'singer's singer'."


Blackbirds is a collection of songs celebrating the formative work of — as LaVette calls them — “black birds.” All the songs, save for the Beatles song that inspired it, were originally popularized by Black female singers, including Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington

Angus Gill & Seasons Of Change: 3 Minute Movies

Angus Gill & Seasons of Change is the latest project for 2020 Golden Guitar finalist Gill, which sees him join forces with the members of Paul Kelly’s band for an edgy genre busting new record, featuring Peter ‘Lucky’ Luscombe on drums, Bill McDonald on bass, Cameron Bruce on piano and Hammond B3 organ, Dan Kelly and Ashley Naylor on electric guitars.


Mutual friend, alt-country legend Steve Earle introduced Gill to the band back in 2017, while on PK’s Life is Fine tour. ‘3 Minute Movies’ was recorded over a couple of days back in December 2018 and shows Gill’s formidable song craft in a refreshing new light.

Jerry Castle: Midnight Testament

Midnight Testaments finds Castle revisiting and revitalizing his “Cosmic Country meets Appalachian Soul” sound. Jumpstarted by the boozy, bar-band bombast of “Tequila and Tears”, Midnight Testaments showcases Jerry at his best, matching his guitar skills with a deep driving voice that’s equally electric. The eleven-track collection is music for the highway, the heartland, the happy, and the heartbroken. Midnight Testaments is music for all hours.

Michael McGoldrick: Waterman's Live EP

Michael McGoldrick is one of the superstars of modern traditional music. An exceptional flautist, whistler and piper he is also renowned as a composer and several of his tunes are played regularly in sessions, particularly by younger musicians.

Waterman's Live EP is rare live recordings of the Michael McGoldrick band from their storming show in Glasgow's Fruitmarket at Celtic Connections in 2008. Lovingly mixed and mastered 12 years later!

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