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We are an Independent music website / online magazine.

There are many Sound Café ’s on the musical landscape, our journey in the independent music scene started way back in 2004 at one such hub of merriment called The Sound Café  Recording Studio, which was owned and operated by groove meister Dave Gray. It was here that we cut our teeth and learned that there was so much more to music than woollen jumpers and acoustic guitars. Upon leaving a recording session one evening, a tape was placed into our hands and we were told to listen carefully, the tape was a recording of an artist called Robbie Robertson, we decided to come to Canada and investigate, what transcended was a whole new world of amazingly talented people we had never heard of, but got to know from Canada, the USA and eventually from around the world... You’ll be able to read about them in The Sound Café  Magazine.


Editor | Publisher: 

Stevie Connor | FEA Media

Contributing Writers:

Jo Louks

Ken Wallis

Jenny Biddle 

Neil Mitchell

Anne Connor

Erin McCallum

Stevie Connor

Megan Routledge

Richard Flohil (Retired)

PR Contributors:

Eric Alper

Pati deVries

Devon Leger

Sarah French

Glenda Rush

Angie Lemon

Jennifer Smits


Ken Wallis

Stevie Connor

Erin McCallum


Paul Long

Ken Wallis

Doug Cox

Eric Cooper

Michael Park

Bud Johnson

Jock Hossack

Gene Godsey

Chris Kirkham

Beth Williams

Linda Conway

Stevie Connor 

Dave Bagdade

Esme Thomson

Calum MacDonald

The Sound Café  Reaches A Consistently Large  Readership Around The World

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The Sound Café  Global Reach



We cover a wide variety of genres, due to the high volume of music being submitted we cannot reply to everyone, but, our team will go through all submissions and give careful consideration for inclusion in an article or review. This may not happen immediately depending on articles that may be pending.

Please send a one sheet containing the following to:


(replace (at) with the @ symbol).

Short Bio, information about the track / album or video, artwork, download links to your music ( DO NOT send music through email as it clogs up our system ) links to your website and social media platforms, and a link to your YouTube channel.


Please state that we have permission to post links to your  iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc, should we choose to write an article on you,

your band and your music.



The Sound Cafe has a wide network of industry contacts around the world, we utilize this network to help signed and unsigned artists be discovered globally.


Our advertising is perfect for promoting your album, tour dates, festival or any other

music related events. Publicists, managers, promoters and artists can contact our

team for more information.

We do not accept sponsored posts or adverts which are unrelated to the content we provide.

Contact: thesoundcafe(at)

(replace (at) with the @ symbol) for more information.

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