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Review: Mark LeCornu - Debut Album - 'Redemption Road'

By Stevie Connor.

Mark LeCornu (pronounced leh-cor-new) is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has travelled America's musical highways from California to the deep south, he has just released his debut album, 'Redemption Road', along with a fabulous single and video featuring the title track.

Mark was born and raised in California, and now calls Sewickley, PA, home. Sewickley is a beautiful township just outside of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, the Native American name of the township translates as 'sweet water', and there must be something in that water, because Mark LeCornu definitely makes some very cool, sweet music.

This debut release contains 10 fabulous tracks, standouts for me are the title track, 'Redemption Road', which drew me in immediately with it's hooky vocals, guitar lines and harmonies, 'Shine', a beautifully melodic track, containing exquisite harmonies and instrumentation throughout, and, 'Paradise Beach', all of these tracks seem to be laced with memories and stories that paint pictures of Mark LeCornu's past journey's.

He has been collecting stories and turning them into songs for decades. Life's experiences have taken him to California, New Orleans, Nashville and Pittsburgh, where he has gathered musical influences that range from Americana to Rock, with some Folk, Blues and Gospel sprinkled into the mix.

The production on the album is also worthy of note, it was recorded and produced at Sunset Place Studio, a full-service recording studio owned by producer/engineer, Destin LeCornu, in Gibsonia, PA, the overall sound, production and choice of instrumentation is amazing.

Mark's songs tell stories of real people, living real life, as well as reflections of his own journey through life's mountains and valleys. This is an artist that is well worth checking out.

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