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Album Review: Esbe - I Might Be Dreaming

By Stevie Connor.

I have become a big fan of the artist Esbe, and my admiration for her work and artistry grows by the minute sitting listening to her new release 'I Might Be Dreaming', it's been spun a number of times already, I really can't get enough of it's ambience, and the vivid emotional pictures it paints for me.

From start to finish it feels like I have been transported on a cosmic path of enlightenment, drifting gently between tracks and placed into a different dimension with each cinematic orchestral soundscape. The arrangements are wonderful, and Esbe's voice soars beautifully above them all. The whole album creates a number of different emotions within me, as I am taken on a journey, conjuring up my own thoughts of life, loving and living.

The poetic content in the lyrics deserve special mention, as they seamlessly draw you in, creating the atmosphere of a big budget movie soundtrack, it really is quite a special gift that Esbe possesses that enables her to do this, transferring her actual dreams and thoughts onto a piece of paper, and then recording those creations with all the intricate orchestration, I really am in wonder of it all.

Esbe shares her thoughts on the album by saying, 'I Might Be Dreaming' is a collection of songs written within dreams. Each one unfolds - a beguiling story, a fear, an aspiration - in the still of the night when we relinquish our hold on the day and follow the dream... Each song is drawn from a personal experience. The soul is laid bare. Loves lost, aspirations, fears for our planet in peril, and also the contemplations of something spiritual beyond our natural lives.”

Esbe certainly takes the listener on a beautifully creative journey on this new album, she is a prolific composer having released seven recordings since 2018, for me, this has to be one of her very best, Esbe has created not just ten wonderful tracks, but a complete work of art on 'I Might Be Dreaming'.

About Esbe:

Esbe is a composer, producer, and singer from London, England. Her music is an eclectic blend of many influences, from her pure classical roots, but uniquely drawing on contemporary, world music and film scoring. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Music, where she gained an LRAM and won the prestigious Julian Bream Prize for Guitar, Esbe performed in concerts around the UK. As a composer, she has produced and recorded a great variety of music from her North London studio, each project with its own inventive mix of styles. She is also sought after as a session singer and her vocals have been compared to such diverse artists as Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) and Emma Kirkby. Esbe’s writing has been partly inspired by her North African and Eastern European heritage, but is also informed by her love of Early Music, in particular, John Dowland, as well as British folk, jazz and Indian classical music. This eclectic blend makes for a unique and distinctive sound.

Photo Credit: Cristina Jansen - Editing & Design: Esbe


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