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Review: INHERITANCE - Feat. Deepak Pandit, Pratibha Singh Baghel and The Budapest Symphony Orchestra

By Stevie Connor.

It might be because of the times we are living in, through this worldwide pandemic, it may be because of the compositional skills and virtuosic playing of a master at work, or the hauntingly beautiful vocals that transport me to an ethereal place, whatever it is, I have found the whole experience of listening to this presentation, deeply emotional and cathartic, it has made me consider the bonds between cultures through music, dance and storytelling, and I've concluded that no matter what nation or peoples we belong to, or whatever our cultural backgrounds are, music bonds us on so many levels.

If the aim of INHERITANCE was to reach a global audience, to open a door for us to take a glimpse and explore such a rich culture and heritage of music, poetry and dance, then this has been spectacularly achieved with the release of this recording. The music is delivered with pristine, world class musicianship, collaboration, and the sonic power that the Budapest Symphony Orchestra brings to it, brilliantly shows that music is indeed a universal language, and demonstrates the innate power it has to connect people and their cultures through beautiful compositions.

The music for INHERITANCE was composed and produced by Deepak Pandit, co-produced by Gaurav Vaswani and features Prashant Sonagra on tabla, the string tapestries of Tapas Roy as well as Deepak Pandit on violin, the instrument for which he is renowned. Deepak crafted large-scale orchestrations and sent them to the master musicians of the renowned Budapest Symphony Orchestra, taking the music of INHERITANCE into a much bigger sonic space. When you add to this the vocals of Pratibha Singh Baghel, who has devoted herself to the art of classical Hindustani music in a forward-looking, internationally minded modern vein, then you have taken this recording to a whole new level, and a whole new audience around the world.

The outstanding accomplishment, I believe, has been to take a unique genre of semi-classical music, re-interpret it for a modern day global audience, deliver the recording with such deep feeling, passion, power and beauty, and thoughtfully doing so without losing the traditional elements that are so important to the culture. This to me, is the true mark of a genius, and a rare gift to us all.

Pratibha Singh Baghel has been quoted as saying, “I never want to limit my music to Bollywood and to India. I would like the whole world to listen to my music.”

Well, Pratibha, Deepak, and the whole ensemble, you definitely have my attention, and I'm sure you will gain many fans around the world with the release of INHERITANCE.



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