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Brandi Carlile: In These Silent Days

In These Silent Days, the highly anticipated new studio album from six-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, producer and New York Times Best Selling author Brandi Carlile, has been released.


Inspired by the mining of her own history while writing this year’s #1 New York Times Best Selling memoir Broken Horses (Crown), In These Silent Days was conceived of while Carlile was quarantined at home with longtime collaborators and bandmates Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

Jenny Colquitt: Something Beautiful

Jenny Colquitt, has released her brand-new single Something Beautiful, which is available to download and stream across all mainstream digital platforms. This is the title track on her upcoming album, which is due to drop later this year.

Something Beautiful, the latest release from Jenny Colquitt, is rock-y enough that it would sound at home on an Evanescence album, though it still has the folky edge that is quintessential Colquitt.

Billy Strings: Renewal

One of the top emerging artists across all genres of music, Billy Strings has made his most ambitious album to date with Renewal, a 16-song collection that effortlessly positions him as a singular talent—one who reveres the history of the acoustic music that inspired him, while pushing it forward into new spaces and audiences through his incredible live shows.


Serving as a reflection of Strings' diverse musical influences, Renewal reaches well beyond bluegrass with elements of heavy metal, jam bands, psychedelic music and classic rock—even though it's still primarily an acoustic record.

Old Blind Dogs: Knucklehead Circus

Knucklehead Circus is the spirited and long-awaited new album from stalwarts of the Scottish traditional music scene, Old Blind Dogs. Their 14th record, which is brimming with energy, is set for release on Friday, 19 November.


Formed in Aberdeen in 1992, the band now features four of Scotland’s finest traditional musicians – original member Jonny Hardie (fiddle and vocals), Aaron Jones (cittern, guitar and vocals), Ali Hutton (pipes and whistles) and Donald Hay (percussion and vocals). This new album is a celebration of the band’s rich history and the promise of the future.

Thomas Abban: The Spiritualizer

Thomas Abban grew up in Wales and moved to Minneapolis when he was 12. Around that time, he began getting serious about guitar, which he’d already been playing for three or four years. He immersed himself in the blues — Blind Willie Johnson, who preached gospel on Texas street corners and slid a knife along his guitar strings until they vibrated with the sound of dead souls, was a favourite — though Abban was less interested in mastering technique than feeling.

T. Buckley: Frame By Frame

On his new album Frame By Frame, T. Buckley delivers another collection of original, soulful folk-rock that has made him one of the most talked-about artists from western Canada over the past several years.

By embracing both the dark and light on Frame By Frame, Buckley proves once again that he is a true songwriting craftsman. That skill has been on display since 2008 when he first appeared on the scene with the T. Buckley Trio, producing four full-length albums and an EP, all crammed with images of forgotten lovers, sunken-eyed truck drivers and the unassailable rural spirit.

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