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Trad.Attack!: Bring It On (Album)

Bring It On is the exciting new album from Trad.Attack! featuring a thunderous mix of Estonian folklore with electronica, drums, programmed beats, fiddle, the Estonian bagpipe, soaring electric guitar solos and pumping pop-folk. Bring It On is equally blessed with sensitively produced folk songs, perfect layered harmonies sprinkled with atmospheric brass instrumentation and dulcet vocals..

Alison Brown: On Banjo (Album)

Alison Brown, Banjo Hall of Fame member and one of the world’s foremost banjo players, releases her new album, On Banjo (Compass Records).


The collection is both innovative and daring, with Brown venturing beyond her bluegrass roots to offer a unique take on the banjo through forays into Brazilian choro, swing era jazz, bossa nova and more.


Jack Johnson: In Between Dub (Album)

In Between Dub, a hand-selected collection of some of Jack Johnson’s favourite songs over an incredible two-decade career, features reimagined tracks by some of Reggae’s most influential names in the genre lending their talent to a collaborative compilation of dub remixes.

Imagine Dragons: Crushed (Single/Short Film)

Imagine Dragons share the riveting real-life short film for their single “Crushed” to support the Ukrainian relief effort spearheaded by UNITED24 — the organization founded by President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Foo Fighters: But Here We Are (Album)

While ears are still ringing from the sonic and emotional gut punch that was “Rescued,” Foo Fighters have unveiled “Under You,” an aggressively melodic punk-tinged earworm sure to join its predecessor in massive summer singalongs on the band’s upcoming tour dates.


“Under You” is the second advance offering from the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers’ 11th album, But Here We Are, out June 2 on Roswell Records/RCA Records. The new song follows the aforementioned “Rescued”— which has generated raves reviews.

Catherine MacLellan: COYOTE LIVE (Music Video & Documentary)

JUNO Award-winning singer-songwriter, Prince Edward Island based Catherine MacLellan has announced the upcoming release of COYOTE LIVE, a captivating music video & documentary showcasing the songs from her latest studio record, "COYOTE." Unable to tour the record due to the global pandemic, Catherine took advantage of the continued lockdowns in PEI to film a stunning live performance that brings her music to life.

Andres Roots: Vol 12 (Album)

Launched with concerts in Germany, Estonia and Finland in March and April 2023, "Vol. 12" is the latest album of solo instrumentals from the Estonian slide guitarist Andres Roots (his real name!). It's Roots' first full-length release since 2020's "Tartu Lockdown" and his first proper studio album since 2018's "Breakfast in September".

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