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Justin Tipton & The Troublemakers: Burning Bridges (Album)

Drawing on his admiration for country, rock, blues, and folk music, with a heartfelt tip of the hat to Tom Petty, Steve Earle, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Justin leans into a confessional style of songwriting with grit and humour and perhaps an ounce or two of regret.

SKÁLD: Huldufólk (Album)

Plunging listeners into the myths and legends of Scandinavia, producer/composer Christophe Voisin-Boisvinet and the SKÁLD collective have gathered around them many talented artists who have restored the poets and shamans of ancient times to their rightful place..

Mile Twelve: Close Enough to Hear (Album)

Mile Twelve, Boston’s modern string band, are back in motion. From the first manic downbeat of their virtuosic new record, Close Enough to Hear, you’ll discover a band that is ready to explode from a restless pandemic induced hiatus.

Carter Sampson: Gold (Album)

Born and bred in Oklahoma, Carter Sampson is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and performer who shares the essential sounds and heartfelt feelings that have always resonated wholly and entirely from America's heartland. Her confidence and credibility reside in each of her previous albums, but never more so than in her new offering, the aptly-titled Gold.

Tara MacLean: Sparrow (Album)

Canadian singer-songwriter Tara MacLean (Shaye) has been an internationally renowned and award winning recording and touring artist for over 25 years. She is excited to be releasing her first book, Song of the Sparrow.


The companion soundtrack to the memoir, Sparrow, will be released on March 31st, produced by Daniel Ledwell (Fortunate Ones, Good Lovelies, Jenn Grant).

U2: Songs Of Surrender (Album)

The band announced the release of Songs Of Surrender – a collection of 40 seminal U2 songs from across the band’s catalogue, re-recorded and reimagined for 2023 in sessions spanning the last two years

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