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tricot: End Roll (Video)

Developing an unusual and distinctive sound that consists of harmonisation of pop and emotional vocals with complex rhythms, Japanese band tricot have become renowned for their unique math rock sound. Interestingly, however, they have no intention of composing math rock! Having previously toured the UK with Pixies, the band have a total of 109 shows overseas covering Asia, Europe, the UK and the US, always building on their reputation as an amazing live band.

Joe Hicks: The Best I Could Do At The Time (Album)

Singer-songwriter Joe Hicks presents his first full-length album, The Best I Could Do At The Time, out now.


Raised in the rural market town of Newbury, England, Joe Hicks blends pop, blues and folk influences, combining intricate guitar composition with classic pop song-craft. The Best I Could Do at the Time is an earnest collection of music, combining Joe’s exceptional songwriting and pop sensibilities with a boldness to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Flight Attendant: Honeysweet (Single)

‘Honeysweet’ is the latest single to be lifted from the long-awaited and self-titled debut album by Flight Attendant, which is out on 30th September and contains thirteen songs that add viola, piano and synth to the standard guitars/bass/drums mix, with electrifying results. It includes songs that range from the shimmering ‘Paradise’ and exuberant ‘Crybaby’ to the thought-provoking ‘Comedy Show’ and ethereal slow-burner ‘Phosphorescent (Fine Line)', and from the post-punk earworm ‘dogs’ to a solemn rendition of the Americana/blues classic ‘In The Pines’.

Loki Hines: Running Out Of Time (Single)

Well-known and respected Wollongong musician, Loki Hines, began playing the guitar at the age of four and was gigging professionally by the time he was 14.


Loki has toured extensively across Australia and abroad with artists such as Kim Churchill, Daniel Champagne, Shaun Kirk, Lime Cordiale, the Vanns and Tynne-James Organ just to name a few. Now an accomplished singer-songwriter Loki has recently worked alongside well-known artists such as Kasey and Bill Chambers and Brandon Dodd of Grizzlee Train.


Loki has just finished recording his first long awaited EP, Wildfire at the Rabbit Hole Studios produced by Brandon Dodd.

Little Big Town: Mr. Sun (Album)

ACM, CMA and GRAMMY Award-winning band Little Big Town – consisting of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook – release their new, 10th studio album Mr. Sun.

The band also unveiled the music video for “Three Whiskeys and the Truth,” which was directed by Running Bear Film’s Stephen & Alexa Kinigopoulos. Immediately following the video’s premiere, the band went live exclusively on YouTube Premium for a livestreamed afterparty to answer fan questions about the new album.

Jessie Reyez.: YESSIE (Album)

Multi-Platinum, multiple award-winning, celebrated truth speaking, multi-hyphenate - recording artist, songwriter, and electric live performer Jessie Reyez is back with her sophomore album YESSIE.


Born in Toronto, Canada to Colombian immigrants, Jessie was raised between worlds. Linguistically and culturally fluid, Jessie has always had music as a universal grounding point. Taught guitar by her father at a young age - Jessie would explore various means of expression from instruments to voice to dance.

Jeremiah Johnson: HI-FI DRIVE BY (Album)

Every great artist has a moment when they realize who they are; Jeremiah Johnson has come into his own with his new release, HI-FI DRIVE BY, out October 21st. Get ready for a high-fidelity sonic explosion that combines Johnson’s master guitar work, songwriting skills, and uniquely powerful vocals into ten tracks of pure brilliance.


From the first track, featuring Victor Wainwright, to the third track featuring Brandon Santini, and to the last note of the epic final track, HI-FI DRIVE BY delivers hooks for days. Every song is carefully crafted with multiple layers of tasty musicianship, with new audio delights to discover every time you give this first-class release a spin.

Elephant Sessions: For The Night (Album)

Award-winning indie-folk sensation Elephant Sessions have released their highly anticipated fourth studio album on.


Elephant Sessions’ music combines the very best of trad, funk and electronica and over the last decade has earned them a swathe of fans across the world. Their latest album, entitled For The Night, contains a progressive blend of intricate tunes and engulfing guitars, with a bass and drum heavy backline.

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