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Koum Tara: Baraaim El-Louz (Album)

The incredible, award-winning French jazz pianist and producer Karim Maurice leads Koum Tara accompanied by the versatile Algerian singer, Mohamed Hamam (Hamidou) who also plays the Algerian mandole, banjo, darbouka and bendir, Brice Berrerd on double bass and Kamal Mazouni on cajón, derbouka, bendir and percussion. Koum Tara also includes La Camerata string quartet.

Mitch Grainger: Plug It In - Acoustic (Album)

Within "Plug It In – Acoustic," Mitch Grainger skillfully strips down the songs to their purest acoustic essence, providing an intimate and profoundly moving perspective on the album's tracks. This rendition underscores Grainger's profound mastery of the acoustic craft.


Listeners can expect to be captivated by the acoustic melodies and emotionally resonant performances that define this unique release. Grainger's artistry shines through in each note, offering a contemplative and touching musical experience for all who appreciate the acoustic medium.

Holly Humberstone: Paint My Bedroom Black (Album)

Always inspired by her environment and how that affects her sense of self and identity, from her parent’s Haunted House to flatshares in London with The Walls Are Way To Thin, award winning British singer songwriter Holly Humberstone's highly anticipated debut album Paint My Bedroom Black represents Holly’s coming of age, growing from unknown singer at her parent’s piano to the most exciting alternative pop stars of her generation.


Jono Heyes: Behive (Album)

Global songsmith, bandleader and life-learnt ecologist Jono Heyes has brought together a group of international musicians, led by studio engineer Jerry Boys for a new album and video project entitled Beehive.


Beehive is a collection of original songs, all recorded in one take, over 8 days of immersion in the Beehive studio, deep in the Czech countryside.

Tejon Street Corner Thieves: Juxtaposition (Album)

Tejon Street Corner Thieves, the captivating outlaw alt-folk ensemble hailing from Colorado Springs, have unveiled their latest single, "The End of Apathy". To kick off the journey in support of their forthcoming album 'Juxtaposition,' set to release on October 27th, 2023 through Liars Club Records, the Corner Thieves are hitting the road for an American tour alongside Amigo The Devil.

Aoife Ní Bhriain & Catrin Finch: Double You (Album)

Double You, Catrin and Aoife's debut album as a duo, features an exquisite collection of new compositions that draw inspiration from various genres, taking listeners on a captivating journey on the wings of the bees across the Irish Sea and inspired by the cultures of their home countries. Running through their stories – as individual creatives, remarkable women, and now as an inspirational duo – are universal themes of identity, self-belief and the courage to find yourself and follow your own path.

Jimmy Rankin: Harvest Highway (Album)

On Harvest Highway, Jimmy Rankin hits the road again, time traveling and traversing far-flung destinations — along with his native Nova Scotia, of course — through his singular brand of East Coast folk-rock. The Cape Breton icon’s eighth solo album is rich in the narrative songwriting traditions that Rankin has been honing for nearly his whole life, filled with crackling yarns and poignant chronicles about feverish marriages in Thunder Bay, unmoored Newfoundlanders, lovers on the run, and fallen soldiers in France.

Troy Redfern: Getaway (Single)

British slide guitarist and singer-songwriter, Troy Redfern is pleased to announce the release of his new single Getaway; the second single taken from his forthcoming 2024 studio album Invocation.


Released Wednesday 25th October, Getaway is available on all streaming platforms. The single is accompanied by an official music video.


Featuring his strongest material to date, the Invocation album will be launched with an extensive Kickstarter Campaign on Monday October 30th. Coloured vinyl, hand-drawn artworks and an array of exclusive bundles are just a few of the things on offer to backers of the new album.

Larkin Poe: An Acoustic Companion (EP)

The GRAMMY® Award-nominated duo of Georgia-bred, Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell – are thrilled to share their new EP An Acoustic Companion, featuring stripped-down versions of four fan favourites.


Larkin Poe has been hailed as one of hardest working live acts on the road today, and on the heels of their epic North American tour which featured festival appearances, as well as sold-out dates alongside Blackberry Smoke, Larkin Poe are ready to kick off their biggest EU/UK headline tour to date.

Chest Fever: Music from Big Pink (Album)

Recorded in a single day with multi-platinum producer David Kalmusky, the new album finds Chest Fever — the alter ego of San Diego's award-winning band Mrs. Henry, whose members appear in both groups — filtering The Band's classic music through their prism of rock & roll and psychedelia.


At once fresh and familiar, Chest Fever's Music from Big Pink arrives on the heels of the group's reinterpreted version of The Band's Rock of Ages, with both releases breathing new life into The Band's catalog.

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