Rapid Fire Questions

Jenny Colquitt

Jenny Colquitt is a singer songwriter from the North west of England, from a place called Widnes, who crafts songs with emotive lyrics and memorable melodies. Her debut EP Wide Open Spaces was released in 2016 with her follow up EP Dear Daughter released at the end of last year. Tell Me Where the Light is, from the Dear Daughter EP, is a song that has captured the hearts of fans and industry alike and was featured as one of the songs on the Halcyon Fatea Showcase Sessions Summer 2021, which is a downloadable body of the year’s most recognized music. Her songs are fused with folk, rock, pop and Americana, with influences cited as female singer-songwriters and powerhouses, Sandy Denny, Alanis Morrissette, Adele, Eva Cassidy, and Fleetwood Mac. Colquitt’s band also works with her on another project called ELY, which formed in 2019, and features James Michael – known for X-Factor appearance in 2011 – on guitar and backing vocals.


Over the course of the last year or so Jenny has gained a massive worldwide following from fans and industry alike through livestreams, blog features, artist of the week features and continuous live streams on twitch, Facebook and YouTube. Jenny was recently awarded the title of Best Solo Singer/Songwriter at the Graham Steel Music Company Awards, 2021 and has amassed more than 2000 followers on Twitch, the music and gaming streaming service which has one of the most supportive music communities online.

Jenny has just released (November 26th), her highly anticipated debut album ‘Something Beautiful’ which is available to download and purchase on all streaming platforms as well as being available to patrons and the public in CD format


We asked Jenny Colquitt some Rapid Fire questions below....


1. What's Your Favourite Breakfast Meal ?

Marmite on toast

2. Dog or Cat ?


3. What’s Your Favourite Touring Destination ?


4. What Are Your Hobbies Outside Of Music ?

Football, Crime Documentaries, Walking

​5. What's Your Ideal Holiday Destination ?


6. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic ?


7.  Do You Prefer a Festival Stage to Perform or a Small Intimate Venue ?

Small intimate venue

8.​ What Made You Want To Become an Artist ?

The adrenaline rush on stage

9. House or Apartment ?​

Apartment but I love my house too!

10. Do You Like a Live Performance or Doing Studio Work ?

Perfoming live

11. Do You Like to Write on Your Own or Collaborate with Others ? ​

On my own

12.  Are There Any Musicians or People who Inspire You ?

Greta Thunberg, I’d love to be as clever and passionate!

13. What's Your Favourite Meal ?

Mum’s vegan scouse (northern stew type meal)

14.​ Country or City Living ?​

City Living

15. CD or Vinyl ?

CD, I can play them while driving in my car!


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