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Rapid Fire Questions

Kelly Brouhaha

Kelly Brouhaha, South Australia's award winning songwriter, is one of those artists who's unique style simply cannot be put into a box. From big blues to soulful country, it is music that is real and raw and vulnerable.


The new album 'Unplugged' came to be after Kelly was forced into a seaside shack on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula while Covid-19 swiftly shut down the music industry overnight. She found herself contemplating an immediate and uncertain future with no touring and live performances.


Turning to digital membership platform 'Patreon' during lockdown, the album was funded through the patronage of a handful of Kelly's most loved fans and she says has helped her keep on-top of the mental overwhelm from being forced to sit still.


The result is a live acoustic album that captures the show that she is currently touring whilst she works on her next studio album which is due for release in the first half of 2022.

More at home on the road, she's spent the last three years touring with country music legend Beccy Cole, releasing her debut album in 2019 to much success on ABC radio playlists, Community Radio Charts and even a nod from Shania Twain on a personally curated Spotify playlist 'Kick Ass Women Of Country'.


'Unplugged' captures the essence of Kelly Brouhaha's impressively emotional vocal and it is a perfect snapshot of an artist on the rise.

We asked Kelly some Rapid Fire Questions Below

1. Porridge for Breakfast or Full Fry Up ? 

I'm a poached eggs on toast kind of girl.

2. Dog or Cat ? 

Dog ! I once had a very naughty black labrador, ate the carpet - well ate everything really - but big cuddly inside dogs are my fave. Don't mind cats either, but sadly allergic, and I get sad when they're not into cuddling - whats the point of all that flluff if they're just gonna be a snob with their love. Labrador's always want the cuddles.

3. What’s Your Favourite Touring Destination ?  

Anywhere with an excellent beach when the weather's good. If I had to pick just one - I'm a big fan of Brunswick Heads (Northern NSW).

4. Coffee or Tea ? 

Definitely tea. I'm a bit of a tea snob really. I travel with a very specific cup (it has to be just the right amount) and drink black tetley allrounders with rice milk. It's super strange, but it's a huge part of my morning routine and helps keep me grounded.

5. What's Your Ideal Holiday Destination ? 

Somewhere with an excellent beach, good kayaking & a great cafe for brekky. The quieter the better, I can't stand the tourist destinations. I spent a lot of the pandemic on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula which was just perfect. Not too many people around, close to the water and nice and quiet.

6. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic ? 

Future me will hopefully be sticking to the non-alcoholic beverages, but I've always loved a cold beer on a hot summers day. I can't really handle wine or hard licquor, I drink too quick! Beer is always a safe bet.

7. Do You Prefer a Festival Stage to Perform or a Small Intimate Venue ? 

I prefer the smaller intimate venues, probably because I talk too much in between songs and like to be able to see if the audience are getting into it. When they're far from the stage it's an entirely different vibe.

8. Car or Bicycle ?

I'm super un-coordinated - so definitley car for safety.

9. House or Apartment ? 

Either. I'm barely home, so anywhere with a warm bed and a clean stove top will do.

10. Do You Like a Live Performance or Doing Studio Work ? 

I love both but I think I live for the travel mostly, so I guess live work if it means more travelling than not. I'm also not a huge fan of the studio environment when the studio has no open windows for the sake of good sound. I'm making my next record with Julz Parker of Hussy Hicks, and their studio is surrounded by natural light in the middle of the forest. If I could work there all the time, I might be inclined to tour a little less and do more studio work, but I think i'd miss the travel too much.

11. Do You Like to Write on Your Own or Collaborate with Others ? 

I like both. I spend most winters at a songwriting retreat in Nundle NSW, just outside of Tamworth at a place called The DAG for the co-writing. I take 5 days in the coldest weather you can imagine and spend it without phone reception or wifi and get in as many write's as I can before leaving. It's the perfect environment for a great co-write out there, but I definitely prefer to write with another person in the room as opposed to over the internet. I think it takes a great deal of trust to write well with someone else, and you need the time to share a cup of tea and chat about the world before opening up the wounds to write from.

12. Shower or Bath ? 

I love the idea of a bath, but whenever I find one on tour I never stay in it long, I overheat too easily. So shower !

13. Indian Cuisine or Italian Cuisine ? 

Italian !

14. Country or City Living ?

Definitely country, anywhere in nature suits me.

15. CD or Vinyl ?

Actually digital. Living in my van most of the year makes it hard to store anything collectible, so I prefer to pay the artist what a CD would cost and then shamefully listen to it on spotify rather than own the physical product.


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