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Rapid Fire Questions

Dione Taylor

According to the Yuchi Indian Tribe there is a powerful legend of the Tanasi River or “Singing River” in Tennessee. Inside the waterway lives a woman who sings songs to protect those who hear her. Inspired by this mythical folklore, Dione Taylor took an insightful road trip to Nashville Tennessee and found inspiration for her vivid new album, “Spirits in the Water.” This musical odyssey explores the deep sacred, healing journey back to the self.

“Legendary stories and family history travel through us, flow into the waters and down the bloodline,” explains the Regina, Saskatchewan born singer who first made a name for herself as one of this country’s most talented singer/songwriters, “If the water speaks, and if we are still and listen then what fascinating stories do we hear? Perhaps, tales of eternal happiness, brutal hardship, necessary murder, unspeakable love and beautiful pain are buried in the muddy waters.”

Continuing on with her unmistakable ‘Prairie Blues’ sound, Dione’s music is a mixture of Roots, Blues and Americana. She brings us on an intriguing and magical, thematic journey through song with stories of Mystical Truths (“Water”), Race Inequality, (“Working”), Hiraeth or Homesickness (“Where I Belong”), Women’s Rights (“Down the Bloodline”), Heartbreak (“One More Shot”), Omnipresent Energy (“Spirit”), Injustice (“How Many Times”), Nigredo or Transformation (“Darkness”), Freedom (“Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around”) and Perseverance (“Running”). Dione’s sharply honed song writing chops shine through on original songs featuring both intellectual depth and emotional eloquence. This diversity of tones and tempos on Spirits in The Water ensures that the listener’s attention never wavers through the album.

We asked Dione some Rapid Fire Questions Below


1. Waltz or Polka 

Since I’ve neither danced a waltz, nor rocked a polka, I will share two of my favourite songs. The first is the “Tennessee Waltz" and the second is “Polkadots and Moonbeams"

2. Dog or Cat 

Dogs and cats can both be cuddly and cute creatures. Since COVID, we now have an adorable puppy named Bootsy Kamala so I think now I’m totally a dog person!

3. Ballad or Upbeat song 

I’m a sucker for listening to juicy ballads sung by fabulous singers! I also LOVE to dance, so throw in some Upbeat music, too. There’s a time and place for all kinds of music.

4. Coffee or Tea 

Coffee in the morning, tea at night.

5. Guitar or Piano 

I mostly write music on the piano because that’s my first instrument (next to voice). However, when you listen to my #PrairieBlues you will notice that the guitar prominently featured because in my mind the guitar is the sound of my soul.

6. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic 

I enjoy a nice Cabernet Sauvignon and I also savour a crisp Pinot Grigio.

7. Mic Stand or Cordless Mic Headset

I like to move around when I’m singing on stage so I prefer a cordless mic.

8. Sports Car or SUV 

If I lived in the country with a tonne of space then I’d probably have a sports car.

A 1964 E-Type Jaguar would be nice!

9. Stage Outfit: Glamour or Casual

Most people listen with their eyes AND their ears! I adore dressing up and putting on make up. So, when it’s time to be on stage, it’s Glamour all the way, baby! Plus, dressing up makes me feel fabulous.

10. Country Music or Blues Music

If I absolutely have to choose then I’ll go with The Blues!

11. Perform Standing or Sitting 

I prefer to perform standing up because I can get that energy flowing with the audience and with my band.

12. Shower or Bath 

I LIVE for baths!! Showers are fine but there’s something so decadent about having the luxury of taking baths, especially in the winter.


13. Indian Cuisine or Italian Cuisine 

I love delicious food so give me both!

14. Country or City Living 

Right now, country living.

15. CD or Vinyl 

Hmmmm...that’s a tough one. Sonlcally, CD’s have a certain vibration that’s quite crisp and clean, which I love. But, there’s something about the warm sound of Vinyl that make me feel slightly more connected to the experience of listening to music. I guess I’m ‘old school’ that way.

A key creative collaborator on Spirits In The Water is Joel Schwartz , who produced and co-wrote much the album with Taylor, and made potent instrumental contributions on guitar and banjo. “I met Joel around five years ago, when he started playing in my band, the Backsliderz,” Dione recalls. “Then we started writing and developing a sound together that we have been running with ever since.

Dione’s long-time creative collaborator Sandy Mamane produced and co-wrote two songs with Taylor for the album. Other noted songwriters contributing in that role here are James Bryan (Philosopher Kings, Prozzak), Sean Pinchin, and Liz Tansey.

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