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Rapid Fire Questions

Laura Mulcahey

Hailing from County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland, Laura Mulcahey is a hard working artist. Her work is highly regarded by music critics, fellow musicians and the radio community, alike.

Not content to just make music, Laura also takes a big role in making her own music videos; (collaborating with artist Sinead Nestor on these) drawing up concepts, filming, writing the stories, researching footage and directing. Laura has an extensive catalogue of videos and some mini documentaries on her YouTube channel, all of which can be accessed by the public and for free.


Laura has played all over Ireland and has taken part in major music festivals, including Electric Picnic.


She is currently preparing to record and release her third studio album in 2021, titled,




Funeral, Home, Lizard (Album) 2017

Once Upon A Time In The Sand Dunes (Single) 2018

Easy Listening Dirges For The Partially Hinged (Album) 2019


1. Waltz or Polka 

A waltz is good if you are a Nazi sympathizer and a polka is good if you like seeing Nazis properly punished for their racist, racist ways. I prefer polkas.

2. Dog or Cat 

 I'm an equal opportunities animal lover.

3. Ballad or Upbeat song 


4. Coffee or Tea 

I only drink whiskey.

5. Acoustic or Electric Guitar   

Both have their advantages. For example, you can serenade a woman on a balcony with an acoustic guitar very effectively, whereas if you play it loud enough, you can alienate your neighbours with an electric guitar in under five minutes. Although if you're a bad guitar player, you're going to alienate the woman on the balcony whether you are playing electric or acoustic.

6. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic 

I am an equal opportunities alcoholic.

7. Bongos or Cajon 

Neither. Unless played by a professional drummer. Then both.

8. Sports Car or SUV 

Neither. They are both usually purchased by men who have too little in the trouser department.

9. House or Apartment 

House, without a doubt. There's usually a garden for burying the bodies.

10. Country Music or Blues

Both. For their honesty and pure heart.

11. Perform Standing or Sitting 

Performing hanging out of a light if we could manage to get live gigs back.

12. Shower or Bath 

 I don't mind whether I have a shower or bath for my yearly wash.


13. Indian Cuisine or Italian Cuisine 


14. Country or City Living 

You'll be arrested for public disorder much quicker in the city than in the country and that's why I choose to live in a cave.

15. CD or Vinyl 

Vinyl, by a country mile.

To find out more about Laura you can visit the links​




Latest Release:

Sunken Cemetery 1849


Production details:

Vocal, Guitar, Sirens: Laura Mulcahy

Piano Accordion, Backing Vocal: Sarah Ferrigan

Bouzouki: Eoin O'Neill

Backing Vocal: Martin Vernon (won the chance to sing backing vocal through a GoFundMe campaign competition)

Percussion, all other instruments / Soundscaping and Production: Wayne P. Sheehy.

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