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Rapid Fire Questions

Madison Galloway

Madison Galloway is an emerging voice in Canadian roots music.


With her signature blend of folk, rock and blues, she takes the stage with guitar, harmonica, ukulele, and driving band, charming audiences with her catchy original tunes and soulful voice in a high-energy show! Born and raised in small town Fergus, Ontario, 20-year-old Madison Galloway infuses her music with rustic, earthy tones, reaching back to pay homage to the great artists of the past while forging a sound all her own; at times gritty and groovy, and others sweet and sunny.

We asked Madison to answer a few Rapid Fire questions.


Photograph - Dan Fischer


1. Waltz or Polka


2. Dog or Cat


3. Ballad or Upbeat song

Upbeat Song, I love to dance and be happy !

4. Coffee or Tea

Mmm, I love both, but usually just go for tea.

5. Acoustic or Electric Guitar

I play acoustic mostly, but I do love playing electric and I'm so excited to be getting one soon !

6. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic


7. Bongos or Cajon

Bongos !

8. Sports Car or SUV

73 VW Westfalia :) 

9. Bungalow or Two Story

Two Storey

10. Country Music or Jazz

Country Music

11. Perform Standing or Sitting

 Definitely standing ! I have way too much energy and fun to sit down on stage !

12. Shower or Bath

I usually shower, but baths are sooo nice and given the option, I would probably choose them over a shower.

13. Indian Cuisine or Italian Cuisine​

Not fair. Indian and Italian are my two favourite cuisines !! I can't choose one or the other !

14. Country or City Living

Definitely country living ! I want to one day build an off-grid, self-sustaining home where I grow all my own veggies !

15. CD or Vinyl

Can't beat Vinyl !

Check out Madison's new video release with Ron Hawkins's called 'Season Of Treason


Facebook: @madisongallowaymusic

Instagram: @madisongallowaymusic

Twitter: @madison13music

YouTube: Madison Galloway

Bandcamp: Madison Galloway

Spotify: Madison Galloway

Apple Music: Madison Galloway

Madison Galloway
Photograph - Dan Fischer

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