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Rapid Fire Questions

Francesca Fabris

Francesca is  an independent artist, singer, guitarist, songwriter, writer and radio presenter.

Mostly involved in folk music, Irish, Balkan and other traditions, she has been perfoming for years with different bands throughout Italy, France, Portugal and Ireland.  She has released three albums of original material and two featuring traditional folk music.

Francesca presents a weekly live radio show called ' Acoustic Roots Rome ' which is simulcast on Radio Kaos Italy (Rome) and Blues & Roots Radio ( Based in Canada and Streaming Worldwide ).

We asked Francesca to answer a few Rapid Fire questions.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 6.34.33 PM.png

1. Waltz or Polka 


2. Dog or Cat 

Dog, always had them, now I have a Jack Russell named Fred , crazy stubborn hyperactive and I absolutely love him

3. Ballad or Upbeat song 

Depends on the mood, but as a folk lover I would say I can listen to ballads for hours

4. Coffee or Tea 

Both, having lived in the UK for almost ten years it brought me to the "tea side" 

5. Acoustic or Electric Guitar   

Acoustic, have been playing Irish folk music and folk in general for twenty years. I love the acoustic sound

6. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic 

Wine  and it's better if white, dry and cold !

7. Bongos or Cajon 

Cajon, I sometimes had some cajon players with me when I was performing my own songs

8. Sports Car or SUV 


9. House or Apartment 

I would love to have an house, but , in Rome it is very expensive to buy a house

10. Country Music or Jazz 

Both ! My background is both folk, country and jazz, and my songs are a mixture of acoustic / folk sound with some jazzy chords and arrangements

11. Perform Standing or Sitting 

I prefer to play guitar sitting ! 

12. Shower or Bath 

I like the shower but nothing is better than a bath to relax you!


13. Indian Cuisine or Spanish Cuisine 

Spanish ( I don't like very spicy food )

14. Country or City Living 

I would love to live in the countryside 

15. CD or Vinyl 

Vinyl, but, I have hundreds of CD's ! I prefer physical copies of the albums, I don't really like the digital downloads

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