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Rapid Fire Questions

Chris O

Chris, hailing from North West Tasmania in Australia, is a singer-songwriter who pens originals and plays vintage music the way it used to be.

Her mashup of Folk, Blues, & Americana draws on a lifetime of encounters with places, people, traditions, and magic; echoing global grassroots traditions.

Traveling around carrying her “band” like a pack pony ~ lap-slide, banjo, uke, as well as a few plain ole guitars, she regularly performs in Australia and Europe.

Growing up in the U.K., Chris was exposed to the vibrant music scene of the late 60’s and 70’s, and her music is heavily influenced by traditional folk, country blues, and world music.

In 2016 she represented NSW at the International Blues Challenge & National Womenin Blues Showcase in Memphis,  and her second album, “Wailin’ & Raggin’ theBlues” was a finalist for“Best Self-produced CD with the Blues Foundation, USA. Her third album, “Twisted Roots &Twisted Highways” was a finalist for Blues & RootsRadio Album of the Year in2018.

Chris has a love of co-writing, recording, and performing with musicians from around the world.

"Chris is a gifted songwriter, understated singer and wicked multi-instrumentalist with catholic tastes, and a penchant for inspired and creative collaborations..." - SingOutMagazine"  (USA)

"With a delivery somewhere between Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Memphis Minnie, Chris’s own songs stay firmly within the tradition that has so inspired her, with trains, workgangs, and cotton fields the backdrop to the usual tribulations of life, from hard lovin’ to just makin’ ends meet workin’ for the Man. You can hear the passion, the commitment, and that gives her own songs the necessary authenticity, a true master’s apprentice. "- Rhythms Magazine  (Australia)

We asked Chris to answer a few Rapid Fire questions.


1. Waltz or Polka 

Waltz mostly, but I can surprise folks now and then by breaking into the polkas

2. Dog or Cat 

Dog. Would love to have one when I stop travelling.

3. Ballad or Upbeat song 

Mainly a ballad type of person.

4. Coffee or Tea 

Gotta be the old English “First Aid”...tea all the way!

5. Acoustic or Electric Guitar   

Acoustic...the beauty of different wood sounds always amaze me.

6. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic 

Non-Alcoholic – see Question 4  :) 

7. Bongos or Cajon 

Cajon, such a community vibe.

8. Sports Car or SUV 

Either – am always grateful when a car actually starts and drives me from A to B. But here in Tasmania the SUV is Queen of the Road.

9. House or Apartment 

House with a big garden for campfire gatherings.

10. Country Music or Jazz 

Lean towards the old school country blues and Appalachian sounds of folk.

11. Perform Standing or Sitting 

Sittin’ when pickin’

12. Shower or Bath 

Shower – life’s too short for a bath!


13. Indian Cuisine or Spanish Cuisine 

Indian – but my favourite food is Iranian.

14. Country or City Living 

Country life for me.

15. CD or Vinyl 

CD. Still my preferred way to listen to music.

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