Rapid Fire Questions

Liz Jones

Liz Jones is a singer/songwriter currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.


She is front singer for 'Broken Windows'.  Liz invests a great deal into her band & solo work, rehearsals, recording, venues, sound techs and promotion striving for the next step up. She also does all of her own artwork and graphics along the way. Liz and the band have had  national radio play, a few playlist spots and their live performances (prior to the pandemic) have been pretty special. 

Liz released a brand new single ' Mother Earth ' on July 1st and released an accompanying video which you can view below, and she will be releasing a solo album very soon.

We asked Liz to answer a few Rapid Fire questions.

1. Waltz or Polka ?


2. Dog or Cat ?

Cat, Hard to get.

3. Ballad or Upbeat song ?


4. Coffee or Tea ?


5. Acoustic or Electric Guitar ?

Clean electric blues licks!

6. Beer, Wine, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic ?

Beer & Wine & Whisky

7. Bongos or Cajon ?


8. Sports Car or SUV ?

If I had to, SUV. Old VW Polo preferred.

9. Bungalow or Two Storey ?

Two Storey

10. Country Music or Jazz ?

Erk! In a rush, Country. Not to rule out Jazz... 

11. Perform Standing or Sitting ?

Both. Band or no band depending.

12. Shower or Bath ?


13. Indian Cuisine or Italian Cuisine ?

Curry. Indian. Hot.

14. Country or City Living ?

City. I've tried both.

15. CD or Vinyl ?

I have to say Vinyl as I live with a vintage axeman and they hold up the house.

Check out Liz's new video release 'Mother Earth'

You can help support Liz through her Patreon page


Website: www.lizjonesmusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lizjonesmusic

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lizjonesmusic

Twitter: twitter.com/LizJones_music

YouTube: Liz Jones


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