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The Sound Cafe Adds More Podcasts With Music & Interviews From Around The World

The Sound Cafe has added a brand new podcast, Gravel & Dust, to our listen on demand shows from around the world, bringing you even more diversity in what has already proven to be a very popular way for our readership to discover new music.

Gravel & Dust Radio with Gene Godsey is a Gritty, Rockin', Bluesy and Soulful kinda show from Richmond, Virginia, USA. Gene Specializes in Blues, Soul, Southern Rock, Alt-Country, Americana, Jamband and some comedy just for the smile factor.

If it's got heart and soul, Gene will play it. His love of music covers many genres...he is southerner born and raised on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia.

Gene said "Southern music is my heritage and I love it, just like you, without all the narrow minded racist ideas that get associated with the southerner... I will be here to play tunes to uplift you. If I can do that, my job is complete. just for the music and the fun."

Stevie Connor, Editor of The Sound Cafe, added, "Gravel & Dust is an amazing addition to our listen on demand podcast's, which have proven to be a very popular part of the magazine for people to discover new music. We strive to bring diversity throughout the magazine, in what people read about, and what they listen to. Gene brings another angle with his vast knowledge of southern music that covers an array of cool artists in many genres. I have to say a big thank you to Ken Stearns who presents HeartBeatTrue Radio from Florida, which can be listened to on our podcast page also, Ken told me Gene would be a great addition, and he wasn't wrong !"

The Sound Cafe podcasts feature independent and signed artists from around the world, we feature over 20 podcasts playing genres that include Roots, Americana, Singer, Songwriter, Blues, Contemporary Folk and everything in between. These shows and many more air weekly on Blues & Roots Radio.

Explore... Engage... Enjoy !

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