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Roots, Americana, Singer, Songwriter, Blues, Contemporary Folk and everything in between

Under The Radar

Stevie Connor goes Under The Radar and focuses on mostly Canadian independent artists & their current releases, featuring musical genres ranging from Contemporary Folk music to Roots, Blues, Americana, Celtic, & everything in between. 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blues & Roots Connections

Paul Long presents a show inspired by the blues but not constrained by it. It features blues, soul, funk, rock and other music with a roots vibe - music that has the emotional contact and feel, if not always the chord sequence. As he says, 'it may not always be the blues, but there is always a connection' as the tracks are linked by theme, subject matter, artist and whim.

West Sussex, England

HeartBeatTrue Radio

Ken Stearns plays a wide range of genres, from Rock and Americana to Blues, Roots, Bluegrass and more, he likes to refer to his musical selections as playing the wide open country.

Gainesville, Florida, USA

Blues Source International

Ken Wallis plays a selection of Blues, Funk, Soul, and Blues Rock from around the world.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Acoustic Accents

Bud Johnson plays a selection of genres ranging from Contemporary Folk, Bluegrass, Americana and frequently includes interviews.

Homer, Alaska, USA

Album Of The Week

Anne Connor presents a featured album weekly, genres vary and include Roots, Americana, Blues, Folk, Celtic Music, Bluegrass and many more. The show airs around the world on Blues & Roots Radio.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Lost Highway

Craig Mills presents Alt Country,  Americana,  Contemporary Acoustic and the musical Kitchen sink as he travels along the backroads of the lost highway.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada




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