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Our playlist's feature artists who have appeared in The Sound Cafe.


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with Douglas McLean (Podcast Series)

Douglas McLean features interviews with leading artists about their songwriting process.


The Sound Cafe - Videos

Behind The Curtain

Monthly Column

Erin McCallum includes interviews and at times focuses on biographical content - Erin searches for the interesting things beyond a press release.


This month Erin Features

Jim Casson.

The Sound Cafe - Videos

Hero In Me - The Stories Behind The Songs

Monthly Column

It's been 10 years since Jenny Biddle released 'Hero In Me', each month Jenny is picking a track from the album and sharing with The Sound Café anything from the story behind the song, and secrets to delve a little deeper into the album.

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The Sound Cafe presents a variety of podcasts from around the world, featuring the best music you've never heard.

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March 2023

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Read all our latest and archived articles 

The Sound Cafe - Videos

The Green Room

Listen to in depth podcast interviews with leading artists

The Sound Cafe - Videos
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