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This month we have curated three playlists of finalists in the three categories of the Blues & Roots Radio Annual International Song Contest, There is music from independent artists from all around the world in varying genres, Explore... Engage... Enjoy !

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Richard Flohil

Monthly Column


This Month's Feature:

A Year In Review

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with Douglas McLean (Podcast Series)

Douglas McLean features interviews with leading artists about their songwriting process.


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Behind The Curtain

Monthly Column

Erin McCallum includes interviews with featured artists, and at times focuses on biographical content - Erin searches for the interesting things beyond a press release. This month Erin Features Quisha Wint.

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Album Of The Week Podcast


Anne Connor presents a featured album each week in genres that vary from Roots, Americana, Celtic Music, Contemporary Folk, Blues and more...

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Weekly Podcasts


Listen on demand


A variety of podcasts from around the world, featuring the best music you've never heard.

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Ash Grunwald

The Black Sorrows

Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats

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The Sound Cafe Top 10

Debut  Albums 2021


Stevie Connor, multi award-winning founder of The Sound Cafe magazine and Blues & Roots Radio suggests ten debut albums we should be listening to.

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Record Heads

Quick Picks Roundup 2021


2021 Picks Roundup

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Rapid Fire

We Ask An Artist 15 Quick Questions

2021 Featured Artists Roundup

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Read all our latest and archived articles 

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The Green Room

Listen to in depth podcast interviews with leading artists

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The Vaults


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