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The Green Room

In Depth Interviews with leading artists: including James McMurtry, Emily Moment, Richie Blackmore and Candice Night (Blackmore Nights), Joe Newberry, Chroma,  Stephen Fearing (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings), Liz Thomson (Author), Suzzy Roche and more ...

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Richard Flohil

Monthly Column

This Month's Feature:

Leon Redbone: Who Was This Mysterious Man? And Why We Should All Let The Mystery Be

Richard Flohil is completing a memoir; this piece is adapted from a chapter of his upcoming book, The Night Miles Davis Tried to Buy My Car.

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with Douglas McLean

Douglas McLean is an executive producer ; videography; radio host ; and writer for local newspapers. He has talked with many artists about their songwriting process, you can listen to these interviews, with music from their albums interspersed throughout.

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Five Artists You Should Get To Know


Ian Freedman, who is based in England, is host of the popular radio show on Blues & Roots Radio called 'The Readifolk Radio Show' which he presents with members of the Readifolk Club. We asked Ian to recommend five artists we should get to know.

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Rapid Fire

We Ask An Artist 15 Quick Questions

Featured in this edition is Australian singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist Jenny Biddle.

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The ACT Americana Trio

Natalie Henry

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Record Heads

Quick Picks


May 2021 Picks

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A Conversation With

Read all the latest and archived interviews with artists from around the world.

James McMurtry... Leah Barley... David Knopfler... Kirk Fletcher... Deborah Magone.... Grainne Duffy... Martin Barre (Jethro Tull)... Terra Spencer... Lachy Doley... Steve Strongman... Kat Goldman... Victor Wainwright ... and more

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Against The Grain

This Month's Feature: American singer, songwriter, actress, pianist, and civil rights activist Aretha Franklin.

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Weekly Podcasts

Listen on demand to a variety of podcasts from around the world covering the independent music scene and genres which include Roots, Blues, Americana, Celtic music, Contemporary Folk and the wide open Country.

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The Vaults


Read The Many Articles That Have Been Featured In The Magazine Since Our

Launch In June 2020.

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