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Welsh Singer-Songwriter and Actor Jasmine Rose Releases New Album 'Metamorphosis'

The talented 23 year old, Jasmine Rose, comes from a little seaside town in South Wales, called Porthcawl.

Participating in amateur and professional stage shows, both in school and in theatre companies, for most of her life, Jasmine’s talent has seen her perform across the UK, LA and in the Middle East.

In 2021, Jasmine graduated from Bristol University with a BA Hons in Acting and has used her time since to create her own original music.

Having been played in 127 counties, Jasmine is ecstatic that people are listening to her music that she writes, records and produces all by herself.

The new album 'Metamorphosis' contains 7 tracks all about growth, change, acceptance and letting go of the past.

These gorgeous songs have come from the heart and are based on events Jasmine has experienced.

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