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Toronto Reggae Artist, Jason Wilson, Teams with Close Friend, Carl Harvey, for New Single

By Jason Schneider. Photo courtesy of Big Jim Mason

In 2012, archeologists found a fossil from a young teenage girl who lived 90,000 years ago in the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains, Siberia, Russia. “Denny” – as she is now known – is remarkable because she is an archaic human hybrid; her mother was Neanderthal and her father was Denisovan.

On his new single “Ready To Be Loved,” available today on all digital platforms, Toronto Reggae artist Jason Wilson reimagines what Denny’s life might have been like. Was Denny emblematic of some sort of unification of, or diplomatic truce between, two separate human tribes? Or was she simply the lovechild of a 90,000-year-old incarnation of Romeo and Juliette?

Wilson explains, “I was struck by the fact that this young girl – even though she lived 90,000 years ago – represented a coming together of sorts of peoples; in her case, the Neanderthals and the Denisovans. Certainly, there’s no way of knowing exactly what happened to Denny or how she even came to be, but I’m choosing to believe it was love. We’ll never know I suppose, but maybe hers is a story that, today, can inspire a greater understanding of ‘other’ and one another for all of us who are so ready to be loved.”

“Ready To Be Loved” features (and is co-produced) by the exceptional Jamaican-Canadian guitarist Carl Harvey, bandleader of Toots & The Maytals. Jason grew up with the Harvey family. Richard, the youngest brother who sadly passed away at an early age, was Jason’s best friend throughout their formative years. Richard’s older brother Rupert “Ojiji” Harvey has been the frontman of Canadian reggae pioneers Messenjah for nearly 40 years. Both Carl and Ojiji have had a profound effect on Jason’s career since he began making music as a teenager.

Wilson, along with his band Tabarruk, has released seven albums since 1994, three of which have been nominated for Juno Awards. He has collaborated with many legendary artists including Alanis Morrissette, Jamaican guitar maestro Ernest Ranglin and saxophonist Pee-Wee Ellis (James Brown, Van Morrison). Wilson is also an acclaimed historian, author and playwright, who has been profiled on CBC’s The National.




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Jason Wilson performs 'Rummlegumption'

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