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Roots Rockers, Four Lions, From Bendigo, Victoria, Australia Release New Single 'Brave New World'

By Stuart Coupe.

English writer Aldous Huxley’s 1932 sci-fi opus Brave New World imagines the dystopian future of a socially engineered, class-based society.

Bendigo-based rockers Four Lions’ latest single, Brave New World, carries a far more optimistic and hopeful message. “And it has less robots than the Huxley book,” jokes frontman Shann Lions.

Lions says Brave New World, one of the earliest songs he wrote for the band’s forthcoming album Wide Awake, is about creating a new life for oneself.

“You find yourself in different circumstances, and it’s up to you solely to make change and empower your own journey,” he says. “It has a positive message entangled in slight apprehension.”

Brave New World combines classic stadium rock with a shimmering pop sensibility, wrapped up in a three-minute, made-for-radio odyssey.

It is released digitally on Thursday, September 23, on the band’s own label Verse Chorus Verse.

Brave New World was recorded by Finn Keane at Head Gap, Melbourne; produced by The Greasy Triplets (Lions, guitarist Keith MacQueen, and Keane); mixed by Bohdan Dower at Bulb Audio, Bendigo; and mastered by Ludwing Diaz at US Mastering, Miami, US.


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