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PREMIERE: California-Based Singer, Pianist and Songwriter, Lola Kristine Releases Powerful New Single 'So Easy'

Lola Kristine

The groovy Motown feel of “So Easy” perfectly depicts the ecstatic lightness of an uncomplicated romance. After several dramatic relationships that ended painfully, Lola kristine wrote this song about finding love that actually felt good to experience. “So Easy” features Lola’s powerful soulful voice paired with classic production inspired by Carole King and Aretha Franklin.  

Lola Kristine is a singer, pianist and songwriter based in Laguna Beach, California. Known as “the little girl with the big voice,” Lola has been staggering audiences her whole life with the depth of soul she possesses in both her timeless songwriting and penetrating singing. Hearing her sing feeds your soul and reconnects you with what is right in the world.

From humble beginnings in St. Louis, Missouri, Lola has taken her music across the country, touring with noted musicians such as Premik Russell Tubbs (Santana, Sting, James Taylor), Jeff Haynes (Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock) and bass virtuoso Michael Manring. She has collaborated with artists from all over the world, including Kinobe (Uganda) in a series sponsored by American Voices. Her original music has brought her success worldwide with songs featured on major Spotify playlists.  Her 2017 release “Bring My Baby Back to Me” was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. In 2022, a live video of Lola performing went viral on TikTok, hitting 4.5M views which boosted her online presence. 

Lola Kristine is currently living in Southern California, where she can be found performing at venues and clubs all up and down the coast.

Lola Kristine - So East Artwork



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