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Minneapolis-Based The Mae Simpson Band Release Funky New Video For 'Goodbye'

The Mae Simpson Band is a band with a focus on creating music that seamlessly explores a huge range of styles. Some bands are quite stuck into their own definitions. However, others are actually keen on setting the bar higher and looking for new creative ideas. The band’s music is soulful, warm and passionate, known for their raw and powerful energy, the band leaves it all on the stage. The project is led by Mae, a singer and songwriter who loves to express herself through sharing her songs, and her heart.

We asked Mae how 'Goodbye' unfolded, Mae said "'Goodbye' started as a song in our practice space just hanging out and jamming, The guys were inspired by Jackson 5 and started playing a bit. I heard something in the song that brought out the words "Goodbye Good looking, Goodbye for a while"

The band clung to this and we were off to the races. That's a big part of what we do. Either I bring in a melody or a hook and the band really forms around that in such a talented way. Or the band brings in something they were working on and I add the hook and verses with melody and lyrics.

We asked Mae about how the shooting of the fab video happened:

"'Goodbye' is really shedding all the negative energy around you. Letting go and walking away from the past. Maybe that's a bad situation or person, or maybe it's something within yourself you are walking away from to be more confident or out there being your best self. It's a fresh and positive way to look at leaving something behind that doesn't serve you.

Goodbye is Shaking of the past, going forward confidently. Goodbye is Making a mad dash to confidence in yourself, your beauty and your dreams

For the making of the 'Goodbye' video, I had the very clear idea of how I wanted Goodbye to come off. At first I thought we would be in a salon of some sort and have the whole process there. However we ended up finding the absolute perfect place called " Heimies's Haberdashery" In St Paul, Minneapolis. We worked with Keith and he was absolutely amazing, even dressing some of us up to look the part we were going for. There is something about the help from the community and a business like Heimies's Haberdashery that really make you feel welcome and supported through your musical journey.

Location check! Once we had that down I knew a few scenes I really wanted to capture starting with the first coming in looking rough and walking through a line of people who were there to take off all the "old stress". The other scene I was sure of is the staircase and the scene walking down, everyone around is just having a blast while we bring the song to peak. The third scene I was sure of was the last. Me walking out looking and feeling confident and having the crowd run after me including the dog because who doesn't love a dog right!? I had a lot of help from Cyril Davis who flew from California to shoot the video. I have always loved their work. Cyril really has an eye for capturing not only the emotion but the small details the video needed to feel complete. I have to give a shout out to all the extras that were in the video as well. They really made it so fun !" - Mae Simpson

Hailing from South Carolina, Mae has been passionate about music ever since she can remember, and it didn’t take long before she figured out this was her path. Her voice is emotional and wide-ranging in terms of pitch and attitude, while her stage is almost like a second home, where she can be free to be who she wants to be. Mae’s vision immediately sparked the roots of this project, as she gathered some of the best local talents. The band consists of 7 musicians including Mae. Each bringing a healthy does of talent, experience and musicianship to the group’s collective artistry. From funk, to soul, and even rock and Folk, anything goes. The band are: Mae Simpson - Vocal/Lyrics, Jorgen Wadkins - Guitar , Aaron Silverstein - Drums, David Kellermann - Bass, Ricardo Romero - Aux Percussion, Brian Snowman Powers - Saxophone and Paul Pederson - Trumpet.

Known for their Intense and exciting live show developing an immediate impact that favours the human connection between the musicians and the audience. Opening up for acts like Dermot Kennedy, Robert Clay, Langhorn Slim, Pert Near Sandstone and Playing many stages across the Midwest like First ave main room, The Fillmore Mpls, Basilica Block Party, and Blue Ox. If you are a fan of artists such as Alabama Shakes, Lake Street Dive and Bruce Springsteen, Mae Simpson is right up your alley.

Mae and her band manage to achieve a lot with their music. They received various accolades, including being nominated as “Best New Band and Best Live Concert” for City Pages. They even managed to win City Page’s Reader’s Choice for the best new band in town! The group’s hard work and excellent live show enabled them to share the stage with artists such as Dermot Kennedy, Robert Cray, Pert Near Sandstone, and many more.

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