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Los Angeles-Based Band The Ouija Boards Release New Single 'Leafy Greens'

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: James Duran.

Los Angeles-based band The Ouija Boards are excited to release their new single "Leafy Greens."

The band's Keith Cooper says, "This song is about the summertime crush or friends that you had so much fun with -- The ones you were daydreaming about -- while you're back at school in the cold, boring winter." "Leafy Greens" is available today on all streaming platforms.

The Ouija Boards arrived in 2021 with their impassioned and melodic sounds. The debut EP was written, played and produced completely by singer-songwriter Keith Cooper. “I was inspired to write honestly about the aspects of life we all struggle with. Heartbreak, alienation, interpersonal relationships — are all difficult things to navigate, but it’s important to realize you’re not in it alone.” Keith assembles all the pieces himself — from nascent early riffs to final mixes, and he does so with meticulous care. Every song is an effort to communicate a story and emotion, while also transporting you to a time and place. One perhaps, you’ve never been before or know all too well. The Ouija Boards’ new single, “Leafy Greens” is inspired by the agonizing distance of summer love – The anticipation of seeing that special person again while the leaves change outside your classroom window. More singles and live shows are planned for this fall.


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