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Lauren Moon's Brooding Summer Sound

“What Goes Round (Comes Round)” is the catchy follow up single to the debut single “It’s Easy To Stay Home”, from the new unsigned, London based singer-songwriter, Lauren Moon. It’s been described as “Stiff Records Pop for the 21st century”, and a “brooding summer sound, dripping sweat”.

Self-produced with band mate (bassist) Peter Perrett Jr., who has played bass for the likes of Pete Doherty and Bryan Ferry, “What Goes Round (Comes Round)” highlights the characteristic vibrato in Moon’s voice which is identifiable, emotive, sincere and without affectation. A multi-instrumentalist, Moon also takes up the guitar and banjo throughout the track. The dark, quirky and bass-heavy arrangement (inc. backward cymbals, gongs, etc.) leads to a compelling and intriguing listen.

“Underpinned with a dark and brooding bass line and with Lauren’s vocal style characterised by an intense and haunting feeling, the song can really challenge your emotions as Lauren warns that ‘you will reap what you sow’.” – Louder Than War

Born to parents who are both professional musicians, Moon's musical style is enriched by their roots in the form of influences like The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac, but also Southern Rock bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Band. Having met at the BIMM Music College in London, Lauren and Perrett Jr. formed a strong musical bond leading to the pair supporting the return of Peter Perrett Sr., singer of iconic new wave band, The Only Ones, on his two Domino releases, "How The West Was Won" and "Human world", and their supporting tours.

Now though, the pair is ready to step out on their own. “What Goes Round (Comes Round)” is a fiery song, brimming with confident performances, and while wearing its influences on its sleeve; it slides into them comfortably without begging for them to be noticed. The track is available on all streaming platforms. (inc. Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)

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