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Kansas City Singer-Songwriter Bill Abernathy Releases 'More' His First Album In Over Two Years

By Stevie Connor.

Bill Abernathy's New Album 'More' Is Blues & Roots Radio's Album Of The Week, and includes a full and insightful interview with the singer-songwriter, about his journey and the making of the album. You can listen on demand HERE and it's also available as a Featured Album to listen on demand at The Sound Cafe Podcast page HERE

Bill Abernathy, the accomplished singer-songwriter from Kansas City. Bill's new album, “More” is a captivating musical journey that navigates the rock genre with finesse and heart.

Bill Abernathy’s ability to blend various styles and themes within a single album is a testament to his artistry and vision. The album offers a rich and varied listening experience that leaves a lasting impact, and it’s a must listen for fans of rock and country.

Bill has embarked on an exceptional journey, courageously navigating through the ebbs and flows of his musical and corporate life. Rising from humble beginnings, he has persistently pushed beyond the ordinary, challenging the status quo and dismantling long standing stereotypes.

Since his breakthrough in 2017 with the album "Find A Way," Bill has been leaving an indelible mark on the music world. His chart-topping single, “Goodbye Will Never Come Again,” soared to the #1 spot on the Roots Music Chart, setting the stage for an unconventional musical journey.

Continuing his musical odyssey with the hit-filled album "Crossing Willow Creek," Bill showcased the unforgettable national radio hit, “Cry Wolf,” along with three more international hits that resonated across borders, captivating audiences worldwide.

Notably, Bill's deeply engaging track, "Who Are You, Who Am I," from his 2021 EP, earned him recognition as a finalist for Song of the Year— An acknowledgment of his captivating artistry.

Bill Abernathy's music has resonated profoundly with fans worldwide, garnering millions of global streams. His expressive voice, exceptional songwriting, and storytelling abilities have forged a lasting bond with listeners, establishing him as a beloved artist among music enthusiasts across the globe.

If you haven't yet joined the Abernathy fan club, now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in his musical world.

Stay tuned for "MORE" as we follow Bill Abernathy's music journey, witnessing the power of change and resilience resonating through every note he plays.



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