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Jenny Colquitt Reminds Us: There’s ‘Something Beautiful’ In All Of Us

Following the success of her last two singles, folk-rock singer-songwriter Jenny Colquitt releases a third and final teaser from her greatly-anticipated upcoming album.

Jenny Colquitt, has released her brand-new single Something Beautiful, which is available to download and stream across all mainstream digital platforms. This is the title track on her upcoming album, which is due to drop later this year.

Something Beautiful, the latest release from Jenny Colquitt, is rock-y enough that it would sound at home on an Evanescence album, though it still has the folky edge that is quintessential Colquitt. The verse builds suspense which is offered a small amount of reprieve in the bridge, but the chorus is bittersweet and beautiful – both musically and lyrically. The lyrics and sudden halt to the song are perfectly juxtaposed, leaving the listener on somewhat of a tasty audio cliffhanger.

“I love this track because of its relate-ability,” explained lead vocalist, Jenny Colquitt. “I’d had a terrible day. I was feeling rubbish… Everything felt like it was piling up. I was cycling self-doubt and this was elevated by negative opinions of those around me, it all felt very overwhelming in that moment. I came home, started writing, and Something Beautiful was the end result.”

Colquitt continued, “The song is all about believing in yourself and that became the theme for the entire album. I want everyone who listens to know that there is something beautiful inside all of us. We should embrace our quirks and celebrate them, not letting anyone bring us down or feel like we are anything less than good enough.”

Jenny Colquitt was recently awarded the title of Best Solo Singer/Songwriter at the Graham Steel Music Company Awards and has already amassed over 1k followers on Twitch since January this year. Moreover, her song Tell Me Where The Light Is was featured as part of the Halcyon Fatea Showcase Sessions Summer 2021, which is a downloadable body of the year’s most recognized music.

Jenny’s unique Folk-Rock sound is heavily influenced by female singer-songwriters and powerhouses, such as: Sandy Denny, Alanis Morrissette, Adele, Eva Cassidy, and Fleetwood Mac. Colquitt’s band also works with her on another project called ELY, which formed in 2019, and features James Michael – known for X-Factor appearance in 2011 – on guitar and backing vocals.

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