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Indie Rockers Spirit Of The Bear Release New Single 'Live On The Sun'

Indie rock band Spirit of the Bear have released their new single “Live On The Sun” out now.

Ethan Schwendeman (keys) says, “’Live on the Sun’ has an energy that I don’t think we have ever created before. We have made many strong dynamic songs in the past, but never to the extent of where I feel Live on the Sun is at. It’s powerful and emotive, while still having a smooth 70s flow. The hook of the song might be the catchiest thing we have made too, for I find myself bumping it in my head from time to time. Of the whole release ahead, I can see this one being the one played over and over streaming and live.”

They recently released their other single “Wires” that is out now along with a “Restrung” version.

Spirit of the Bear quickly became one of the most fresh and exciting bands to emerge in the Ohio music scene with their unique blend of indie rock, pop, and electronic sensibilities coupled with their affinity for pop song writing. The band’s years of musical experience are accentuated by their use of two keyboard players, bringing a unique depth to their sound.

Consisting of James Harker (lead vocals, guitar), Danny Svenson (keys, electronics), Ethan Schwendeman (keys), and Jamie Vitullo (drums), Spirit of the Bear’s upcoming EP is scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2022.

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