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Grammy-Winning Singer Adele To Release First New Music In Six Years

The wait is almost over for Adele’s new music, as the 15-time Grammy-winning singer teased her first single since 2016. Adele announced on Twitter that her new single “Easy on Me” will release on October 15. A short, black-and-white video shows the singer putting a cassette tape into a car radio, turning up the volume and driving off as pages of sheet music blow out the windows. A light piano melody plays during the clip, reminiscent of Adele’s past songs, but sadly fans will have to wait until the single drops to hear the singer’s legendary vocals.

Adele’s website and social media handles were all updated with the same photos to announce the new single.

On Monday, the singer went unexpectedly viral on Twitter (perhaps in a genius marketing move or by pure coincidence). While social media users were in a frenzy over the simultaneous outage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Twitter’s own Twitter account made light of the situation by tweeting “hello literally everyone,” to which Adele replied “Hiya babes!” The singer’s tweet immediately garnered massive attention, shooting to over 215,000 likes.

The social media buzz bodes well for Adele’s upcoming album, which has yet to be officially announced but will surely take the world by storm when details are finally revealed. Fans are speculating that the new album will be titled “30,” which follows the pattern of Adele’s previous albums being named for the age at which she started working on them. Mysterious billboards with the number 30 also starting appearing around the world, fuelling theories of the upcoming title.

The album will be her first in six years, after “25” came out in 2015 and sold 11 million copies in America. Adele’s last two albums, “25” and “21,” both won album of the year at the Grammys. Her total Grammy haul sits at 15, starting back in 2009 when she won best new artist.

Photograph: AccorHotels Arena, Paris, June 9, 2016



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