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Glaswegian Rhona Stevens Releases Nostalgic Latest Single ‘Solo’

Glaswegian Rhona Stevens combines rhythmic and chorus guitar nostalgia on her latest single ‘Solo’.

Intertwining all of her musical expertise into one, Rhona marries slick melodies with quirky riffs and magnetic vocals to create a sound that truly reflects her vibrant persona. 2021 marks her striking entrance onto the alt/indie scene, her lyrical narratives turn the ordinary into the extraordinary; a colourful burst of upbeat jazzy-indie that stays with you long after the last note.

Lazing on a swung backbeat groove from the kit and subby Moog synth lines, Rhona's distinctive vocals are accompanied by 70s-esque stack of chorus guitars. Solo is an easy listening, groove-centric song which builds throughout. The song talks about wanting to avoid someone else's baggage. Each person's journey must be firstly their own solo mission, with help from others along the way.

Solo is a reminiscent of sunny days and bound to make you want to bop.

Rhona had this to say about the track

"Solo talks about personal baggage, having a saviour complex, and how that can affect how you relate to other people. It's about growth and learning how to look after yourself. I wrote Solo as a reminder to maintain boundaries. It's really impossible to care for others if you don't prioritize your own wellbeing!"


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