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German-Born, New York-Based Duo HAERTS Release 'Days Go By' From Upcoming Album

Nini Fabi and Benny Gebert, the German-born, New York-based duo HAERTS are sharing their latest chapter “Days Go By” from their upcoming third album Dream Nation which comes out next week, May 21st via AntiFragile Records. The single comes with a filmed live version which was shot at Valentine Recording Studios in North Hollywood in Los Angeles.

HEARTS says:“Days Go By” is our California Dreaming Summer song on the album. We filmed and recorded the video last week in LA. It was the first time the band played together since Covid and since we recorded the song in New Orleans. It really felt like the sun rising after an excruciatingly long night.”

One could detect the usual comparisons to Fleetwood Mac or First Aid Kit in “Why Only You”, while making way for additional influences such as Portishead and Lamb. “We went into the studio without setting limits or parameters other than that we wanted to make a record that moves you emotionally and physically. We wanted it to feel like an invitation into the strange and fantastical nighttime world, like the songs they play just before the lights come on, when the party is almost over, and the polish is gone."

The upcoming album Dream Nation is marked by a sense of urgent intensity. Nini Fabi & Benny Gebert wrote the songs over a period of only about a month and then recorded most of the album with their touring band during a week-long live recording session in New Orleans. They then put the finishing touches on the album in Los Angeles where they collaborated with Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) on the album’s first single “For the Sky”.

Formed in the fires of high school romance in Munich, Germany HAERTS has evolved as Nini & Benny have evolved. First through Berklee School of Music in Boston, then through the creative crucible of Brooklyn, NY and their self-titled major-label debut album in 2014, followed by an expansion to the serene woods of upstate New York and the release of their second full-length album New Compassion in 2018.

Now Nini & Benny are evolving again, not only embracing their international roots by splitting their time between Berlin and New York, but also by a renewed spirit of collaboration, whether it be with other musicians they admire.

Photograph by Daniel Lang


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