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French-Algerian Super-Group Koum Tara Set For First Canadian Tour Beginning In Mississauga, Ontario

French-Algerian super-group Koum Tara are set for their first Canadian tour in October/November 2023. Accompanying the launch of their 2023 album ‘Baraaim El-Louz’ which is being released through the innovative Odradek Records label, Koum Tara are preparing for concerts starting at the RBC theatre at the Living Arts Centre Mississauga, London, Quebec City and finish their tour in Montreal at the Place des arts.

Koum Tara’s new album ‘Baraaim El-Louz’ translates from Arabic as ‘The Buds of the Almond Tree’ and is an exciting meld of Algerian chaâbi and jazz that all rotates around the powerful axis of exceptional jazz pianist and album producer, Karim Maurice.

The incredible, award-winning French jazz pianist and producer Karim Maurice leads Koum Tara accompanied by the versatile Algerian singer, Mohamed Hamam (Hamidou) who also plays the Algerian mandole, banjo, darbouka and bendir, Brice Berrerd on double bass and Kamal Mazouni on cajón, derbouka, bendir and percussion. Koum Tara also includes La Camerata string quartet.

Koum Tara’s string quartet players are members of La Camerata, who have since 2012 become an executive producer and partner for some of Karim Maurice’s creations which includes Koum Tara.

Created in 2004, La Camerata is a Lyon-based string orchestra that plays without a conductor. Founded by Gaël Rassaert, La Camerata stands out for its original artistic approach, free from hierarchical structures and favouring work and commitment in participatory and democratic forms. The orchestra has performed at classical, world and jazz festivals in France and internationally. As producer and pianist Karim Maurice says,

At a time when humanity, respect for different cultures and tolerance are seen as necessary values for building a better world, Koum Tara offers and continues to defend a musical universe where everyone brings their own identity, heritage and originality to the song of universal love.”


Friday the 27th of October in MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, 7.30 pm Venue: RBC theatre at the Living Arts Centre, 4141 Living Arts Dr, Mississauga, ON, L5B 4B8. Link to box office:

Saturday 28th of October in LONDON, Ontario, 8pm

Venue: The Aeolian Hall, 795 Dundas Street, N5W 2Z6 London, Canada , Middlesex County, Ontario. Link to box office:

Wednesday the 1st of November in QUEBEC CITY, Quebec, 8pm

Venue: Palais Montcalm, 995, place D'Youville, Québec (Québec) G1R 3P1.

Friday the 3rd of November in MONTREAL, Quebec

Venue: Place des arts, Montréal, QC H2X 1Y9.

Link to box office: TBC /

‘Koum Tara’ as well as the album name ‘BARAAIM EL-LOUZ’ both take their name from poems written by the 18th century Algerian poet, Mohamed Bendebbah. ‘Koum Tara’ translates as ‘come and see’, while BARAAIM EL-LOUZ is a poem about fresh beginnings,

The buds of the almond tree was a line from the poem which is an invitation to admire spring, its renewal and its continuity. Renewal, because the group, with its new singer, has come up with original compositions and texts that attempt to open up new horizons for modern chaâbi”.

BARAAIM EL-LOUZ is Koum Tara’s second release on the Odradek Records label following on from their critically acclaimed debut album KOUM TARA in 2018. BARAAIM EL-LOUZ releases on October 20th through the innovative Odradek Records label. On BARAAIM EL-LOUZ, the buds are well and truly open. Simply sublime.



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