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'Erin McCallum & Teddy Leonard: Alone Together' Show Returns For It's 3rd Year

Erin McCallum & Teddy Leonard

Born during a brief reprieve amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, two nationally acclaimed Blues musicians, in their own right, took to the stage with nothing more than their instruments, by request. Sharing the stage for an unprecedented “equal billing” for the duo, Leonard and McCallum delivered an intimate and interactive performance for a very limited capacity audience. McCallum describes the experience:

“At the time of the first “Alone Together” show, people who had been living in isolation - or under strict covid 19 restrictions for many months - were really craving connection. Music is an art form that has always helped people find common ground; I think it’s safe to say that everyone in the room that night was ready to share in the experience.   We were together, and all of us shared in the conversation of music. Something special was captured that night; it was the right thing at the right time, and it was completely unique to any show that had happened under the “Erin McCallum” name.”

What was intended to be a one-time event turned into a second. With pandemic induced capacity restrictions being tentatively relaxed, Leonard and McCallum were requested again to spend the night “alone together” to a 50% capacity audience. They answered the call with the same approach as the inaugural show, delivering an intimate and interactive performance that remained as unique to them as it was to the audience.   That same “je ne sais quoi” that was captured at the first “Erin McCallum & Teddy Leonard: Alone Together” show was harnessed again, and it has left an impression.  

With Covid restrictions lifted completely in present times, the third popular request for the show’s return has been answered - and people in attendance can expect that same intimate experience that was encouraged by limited capacities.  The third annual “Erin McCallum & Teddy Leonard: Alone Together” show will have all of the components that McCallum, Leonard, and requesting fans believe makes it a unique and special show. 

McCallum says “I think one of the recognizable things that makes the ‘Alone Together’ show a unique experience is that it’s as close to living up to its name as it gets.  There’s no set list, no script, no headliner, no large crowds, and no smoke and mirrors - just the music, and the people who are there to enjoy the experience.  The main difference between Teddy and I on the stage, and any person in the audience, is that we brought the music to the gathering. Having an intimate group of people in attendance paves the way for the show to come to life in real time - everyone in the room can participate in the ‘conversation’ of music, and songs that are part of that experience take centre stage.” 

Leonard’s take on the show’s appeal offers a similar message to McCallum’s: “People like the intimacy of it, and how at ease they can feel being in the room with Erin. I also get a chance to sing a few songs and play some songs that I don’t normally get to play.” 

One fan, Harry, who attended the very first “Alone Together” event offers: “Erin and Teddy have the unique ability to perform Blues with the dynamics and passion possessed ONLY by artists who truly understands its pure and naked truth.”

Another fan, Melissa, who has been to the previous “Alone Together” shows says: “I’m one of the people who was at the first ‘alone together’ show, and have been requesting more ever since. I’ve been a fan of Erin McCallum’s for years, and this show is so…up close and personal - it’s like hanging out with a bunch of people who are friends, but haven’t met yet. It’s hard to describe… There’s a certain kind of…humble musical excellence…that Erin McCallum and Teddy Leonard both have, and when they take the stage together in a show like this, that ‘vibe’ belongs to everyone in the room.”

With those components - and testimonials- in mind, the upcoming “Erin McCallum & Teddy Leonard: Alone Together” show has been developed with the intention of capturing the same experience that sets it aside from anything else one can expect from these musicians in other settings.  Taking place at Bluessee’s Lounge (part of the John Saunders Centre) in Collingwood, Ontario, on Friday August 16th, this show has been labelled a “VIP event”, as ticket availability is limited.  Only 55 tickets will be available for the show. All tickets have been released for purchase, and are selling now.  

For more information on the upcoming show, ticket information, and updates, visit HERE  

Erin McCallum & Teddy Leonard


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