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Critically Acclaimed Dallas Alt-Country Band, Justin Tipton & The Troublemakers, To Release New Disc

By Pati deVries.

Justin Tipton & The Troublemakers are pleased to announce the upcoming release of their new album, Burn These Bridges, on March 10th. They will be celebrating that evening with a record release party at the famed Kessler Theatre.

Candid and authentic, Tipton, born and raised in Dallas,TX was inspired by his relationship with his wife. They came together despite knowing it would burn a few bridges along the way. The track, sets the tone for a record about life, love, and bouncing back from troubled times.

At age 3, Justin picked up a toy guitar and banged out a tune. Fast forward to 2009, when Justin’s Dad took him to a local Dallas club to see his first live concert, Band of Heathens, “As soon as the band kicked off their set, I knew that’s what I wanted to do for a living. I felt like I was watching an episode of ‘How it’s Made,’ and I was instantly hooked” stated Justin. That night a switch was flipped, the lights went on, and a prolific singer-songwriter was born.

Drawing on his admiration for country, rock, blues, and folk music, with a heartfelt tip of the hat to Tom Petty, Steve Earle, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Justin leans into a confessional style of songwriting with grit and humor and perhaps an ounce or two of regret. “I always used music to express myself - what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling. Now I write how I’m feeling and try to make it rhyme”

“Back to Being Me” is a straight-up rock song about bouncing back from a breakup. “When you leave a relationship, you’re not you for a couple of weeks, and then it’s like, one day you wake up, and you’re back.” “Don’t Make Me Sleep Alone” is a heartfelt duet with local Dallas singer Frankie Leonie about loneliness, compassion, and compromise. “Some Days” was written during Covid and finished in the studio with his band The Troublemakers, is a coping strategy for the 21st century. At the same time, “Gimme Back What’s Mine”, reveals Tipton’s need to carve his exact path in style and lyrical forthrightness. “When you give part of yourself to someone and regret it afterward, sometimes you don’t want that person back; you just want your time and heart back.”

Produced & Mixed by John Pedigo (Old 97’s, Vandoliers, Joshua Ray Walker) at Modern Electric in Dallas, Tx, and mastered by Fred Kevorkian in Brooklyn, NYC, Justin Tipton & The Troublemakers bring the primal push and drive of true Southern Rock. With a collection of distinctive songs that pack a serious punch, and a voice that oozes heartbreak and desire, Justin Tipton fronts a well-oiled machine of a band featuring Sawyer McGee on drums, Josh Vaughn slinging guitar, Jesse Thompson on bass and background vocals, Chris Watson and Chad Stockslager sharing duties on all things keyboard.

Burn These Bridges by Justin Tipton & The Troublemakers is a record that “lights the fuse.”


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