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Canadian R&B/Neo-Soul Artist Aphrose Releases Emotional Single And Video For Ballad 'Weapons'

By Stevie Connor.

Fresh off the release of her sophomore album, "Roses", Toronto R&B/Neo-Soul artist, Aphrose, is receiving exciting critical acclaim at home and across the globe.

BET (Black Entertainment Television) premiered Aphrose's video for "Roses" to millions of people across their televised channel, socials, and website. She also appeared nationally on The Morning Show, on SiriusXM, was featured in The Fader, and was selected as She Does The City's "Artist of the Month''. Her soaring three octave range and stunning ability to honour the golden era of Soul music while sounding modern are a testament to her unbelievable talent.

Aphrose has opened for Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida on their Moon vs. Sun tour at the personal invitation from Kreviazuk herself, sang backup for Daniel Caesar, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Jessie Reyez, and Charlotte Day Wilson. Her latest album, "Roses", unveils a musical treasure trove that bridges the sounds of yesterday and today with a resonant look at love, family, and life. On "Roses", an album inspired by the strength and unconditional love from her late grandmother, Rose, the artist illustrates her relatable and personal journey of self-discovery through new motherhood, relationships, and ancestral strength, uniting the energy of the generations before her with her aspirations for herself and her young daughter. With unrivalled versatility, Aphrose constructs a lush and vibrant garden of sound and experience, with the roots of her history firmly planted beneath her.

Aphrose has released a brand new single and video from "Roses", titled "Weapons", a stunning and emotional ballad that begs a partner to remember that they are on the same team. The video for the track is a real-life couples therapy session between Aphrose and her husband, moderated with a therapist who remained off camera during filming. "Weapons" was released on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. "Weapons" was written by Aphrose and Adrian Hogan, and features an enveloping five person choir arranged by Aphrose, Hogan, and Nevon Sinclair (Daniel Ceasar, LOONY), who also lent his vocals to the track. The music video was directed by Zach Silverstein and was produced by Crimson Fish Studios in Toronto. An emotional, chill-inducing ballad about an impasse in relationships of any kind, "Weapons" envelopes listeners with relatable lyrics, Aphrose's emotive, soaring vocals, and an impactful five-piece choir that drives the messaging of the song home. The music video for "Weapons" serves as a poignant exploration of the complexities of marriage and the struggles it entails.

It features Aphrose and her husband engaged in a passionate conversation, during which they employ symbolic objects to represent the emotional barriers that arise in their relationship. These barriers vividly depict their communication breakdown and difficulty in understanding each other. As the couple endeavours to resolve their differences, a glass object, initially positioned as a barrier, is removed. This act symbolizes the gradual dismantling of their emotional walls and the restoration of open communication. "Weapons" skillfully encapsulates the very core of personal connections, showcasing their remarkable potential for metamorphosis, be it for the better or the worse. It goes beyond the surface to provide viewers with a profound reflection on the intricate web of human interactions and the ongoing journey of understanding within relationships. Through its powerful narrative and visuals, the music video imparts a compelling message that enduring love and personal growth are often forged during times of adversity. It reminds us that the struggles we face can be a catalyst for deeper connections and understanding with the people we hold dear, ultimately illuminating the resilience of the human spirit in the face of challenges.

From Aphrose, "This song embodies a myriad of interpretations. At its core, it strives to remind us of the collective pursuit of peace. Peace within our own hearts and in our relationships with others, fostering an environment where we can uplift one another instead of causing harm or division." Standing out as a top R&B/Neo-Soul vocalist, Aphrose (Joanna Mohammed), occupies a rare position as one of Canada's greatest vocal talents. A dedicated student of the diamond age of Soul music, Aphrose infuses her unique blend of classic and modern Soul/R&B with a historically informed touch. Her glistening melodies and rhythms offer the nearly tangible authenticity of analog recordings, and her exceptional and distinct vocal agility routinely draws comparisons to legendary artists including Chaka Khan and Jill Scott, known for their unmistakable range and emotive delivery. Effortlessly oscillating between low and sky-high vocal registers using her stunning three octave range, Aphrose offers listeners both a glimpse into her life and a mirror to their own, sharing her personal journey through love, loss, family, and the joys and challenges of parenthood. Creating music that serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of R&B/Soul, Aphrose blends timeless sonic elegance with contemporary lyrical relevance. Aphrose has sung backup for Grammy, Soul Train, and JUNO Award winning artist Daniel Caesar, JUNO Award winner Jesse Reyez, and JUNO Nominee Charlotte Day Wilson. After hearing her music on CBC Radio, Canadian icon Chantal Kreviazuk reached out to invite Aphrose to open for her Moon vs. Sun tour with husband and Our Lady Peace frontman, Raine Maida. Following the release of her debut album, "Element", Aphrose was featured on CBC Music's First Play, in Earmilk, and Exclaim!, and voiced the NBA Finals commercial for Rogers Sportsnet during the 2019 championship games. She was also featured in CBC's 2019 Sounds of the Season.

She received her first feature on Black Entertainment Television (BET) in the Fall of 2023, with the video premiere of "Roses" on BETSoul. Her first single of 2023, "Good Love", was a featured selection in the CBC Top 100 Searchlight Competition, and later her song "Roses" was hand-picked as one of CBC Music's weekly "Songs You Need To Hear". "Good Love", and follow up single, "YaYa", both appeared across European radio, with prominent features on BBC, Italy's Radio Capital, and Spain's RTVE. They also received extensive airplay throughout the United States, and have been featured across the CBC Radio network, SiriusXM and non-commercial Canadian radio. With the release of her latest album, "Roses", Aphrose received national acclaim with features on Global's The Morning Show, in Fader, and was chosen as She Does The City's "Artist of The Month".



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