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Canadian Country-Blues Boogie Artist, Johnny Pearl, Releases 5th Studio Album

YardSail Records have announced the release of Jonny Pearl's 5th Studio album 'Southern Fried Chicken'. It's an independent recording by the very talented producer, video editor and multi-instrumentalist.

All ten tracks were recorded at three of Toronto's legendary recording studios, Canterbury, Number Nine and Pineship Sound. Johnny describes the music as "Melodic songs, message songs, and songs that will make you dance!", and Johnny calls his music Country Blues Boogie at it's best !

On the record he is working with the fabulous Carlin Nicholson at the engineering helm. He's welcomed back blues harmonica ace Roly Platt, keyboard king Rob Gustevs, magical Mitch Lewis on guitar and his friends from the Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church. Johnny used to live in the old manse behind the church and would sit on the back deck, and hope one day to find the courage to approach the church band and heavenly singers. As luck would have it they've joined him on this recording on the songs "No More Above Me", "Elijah Cummings" and "Big Chain Gang".

The record is available in full length vinyl, on Spotify and Apple Music.


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