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Canada's Hidden Gem, Ian Janes, Celebrates His Artistry With 'Episode 5'

Ian Janes’ latest album “Episode 5” is the celebration of an artist at the top of his game.

“Episode 5 is my journey as an artist and the incredible influences that have brought me to this point,” explains Janes. “I found immense freedom in writing and producing with just the music in mind.”

A talented and respected performer, Janes has also celebrated international collaborative successes as a songwriter. His song “Can't Remember Never Loving You” (Hill/Janes) was placed in The TV show “Nashville” and country artist Kylie Frey took “I Do Thing” (Aielli/Frey /Janes) all the way to #1 on the Texas Regional Radio charts in 2021. “Episode 5” is his first album focused purely on his artistry as a musician.

“I’ve always loved every aspect of the creative process,” said Janes. “In Episode 5, I felt like a perfect extension of the process would be to articulate it in both a visual and written medium”.

The physical form of Episode 5 is a beautiful companion book. An innovative project that pairs the music with a printed book of lyrics, narratives about the writing and recording process and photos of everyone who worked on the project.

Episode 5 features several tracks co-written with Stone Aielli, Zak Lloyd, and Mikey Reaves. Rounding out the core band, Janes enlisted drummers Nick Buda (Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton), Brannen Temple Jr. (Gary Clark Jr., Chaka Khan), and bassist Nicholas D’Amato, along with keyboardist Glenn Patscha (Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow) trumpeter Brad Mason (John Mayer, Alicia Keys), and singers Zamani and Owen ‘O’ Sound’ Lee (Drake, Jordin Sparks). Janes has also partnered with Lemmon Entertainment on all his upcoming releases. “It's amazing to have a team like Lemmon supporting me and my music strategies forward.” “We are thrilled to represent such an immensely talented artist like Ian Janes,” says Jessica Lemmon, CEO. “He’s Canada’s hidden gem.”

Ian’s latest album Episode 5 is a genuinely timeless listening experience — a collection of pop songs that have been deeply influenced by soul, R&B and jazz; but both the production and songs transcend genre and era. There are both programmed beats and live drums, vintage analog keys alongside modern digital synths, jazz-inspired horn soloists, layered guitars, and beautiful, expressive background vocals...all of them driven by Janes’ rich, compelling voice.


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