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British Singer-Songwriter Henry Grace Releases Debut Album 'Alive In America'

‘Alive In America’ is the debut album from British singer-songwriter Henry Grace.

Growing up in London, Henry Grace started writing songs when he was 12 years old. Songwriting became an outlet for him when he was hospitalized with depression at 18 and he spent 3 difficult years wrestling with mental illness before moving to America at 21 in search of a new life.

Living in Venice, California, he overcame his struggles and started working as a musician while studying literature at college. Earning his first radio plays after self-releasing 2 early EPs, ‘Crash the Moon’ and ‘What We Took From The Mountain’, he began building a small but loyal following on the west coast, headlining venues like the Hotel Cafe. As his time in the States continued, the landscape, the people and their stories inevitably started to influence his music. On a trip to Saginaw, Michigan, to visit Mule luthier Matt Eich, he was handed a new resonator guitar. It’s gritty, worn-in sound would become the bedrock of the songs he would start writing.

After 5 years in the States, he moved home to London where he started to write and tour relentlessly, playing close to 100 dates in 2019 and supporting artists like Benjamin Clementine. While piecing together the makings of a record, he also started to share his story and advocate for mental health awareness with sell-out shows at Bush Hall and St. Pancras Old Church.

‘Alive In America’ was eventually recorded live over just 5 days at Rockfield Studios in February 2021. Self-produced by Grace, engineered by Josh Tyrell (Van Morrison) and mixed by Oliver McKiernan (Echobelly), the album is the sound of one man/voice cutting through the void. Autobiographical, rough around the edges, almost harsh at times, like the landscape he is drawing from, and littered with cinematic imagery resonant of the Coen brothers, Grace references battling depression in “Junkyard Junkie” and time spent in Arizona in “Sierra Skyline” whilst the post-apocalyptic single “Midnight Sunset” was inspired by the 2016 Oakland riots he witnessed as a student.

Self-released on January 14th, 2022, ‘Alive In America’ is a stark and vivid depiction of the country Grace called home and ultimately credits with saving his life.


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