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Berlin Based Singer/Songwriter Henriette Releases a Masterpiece

If there’s one song that represents how much Henriette has musically grown during the last year, it is definitely “Masterpiece”. Inspired by a bullying experience, it is both a confession of love to herself as well as a deep insight into the emotional path she has taken so far. The lyrics are honest and warm-hearted, the music sounds pure with a near majestic touch, the feeling is like a journey to the centre of her emotions. Just because someone carries sunshine on his face doesn’t mean that he has never seen the rain. On the contrary, many brushstrokes have to be painted before a masterpiece can be created.

With her Country/Pop, which can be quiet as a breeze and fiery as the sun, Henriette managed to make a mark directly in the scene. After her debut single “Dream Boy” went on rotation in countless countries on three continents, the vocalist upped the ante with her singles “Lighthouse” and “Crash Like This” and finally made a more than successful start with her self-titled debut EP.

In the middle of the global pandemic, which she experiences as a creatively enriching time against all odds, the Berliner-by-choice announced her three new singles “Remember That”, “Never Go Back” and “Masterpiece”, which are released via Dr. Music Records.

Today, inspired by the bullying experience, Henriette makes a confession of love to herself with her new single “Masterpiece” and provides an emotional and private insight into her life. Appropriately, the artist presents herself in the accompanying quaint music video by director Liam Ethan Salzmann (Lotta S, Nuvilices, MVCA, Joseph Feinstein & Jugende) in the romantic setting of an art atelier with picturesque declarations of love in acrylic on canvas.

Co-written with Adam Hood (Brent Cobb, Whiskey Myers, Lee Ann Womack), “Masterpiece” sounds pure, with a near majestic touch. The deliberately simple arrangement of the gentle acoustic ballad is garnered with many musical accents and shines with sophisticated, blossoming harmonies.

With this inspiring single produced by Jay Tooke and James Robertson and mastered by Nathan Dantzler at ‘The Hit Lab’, Henriette sends us on a journey to the centre of her emotions and invites us to a vernissage with her music video!


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