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Barcelona's Blowfuse Ignites with New Single 'Wish' Ahead Of Forthcoming Album

By Stevie Connor.

Blowfuse's new single "Wish" hits you with a powerful question: what would you wish for if your time was running out?

A song that defies genres: a powerful, bouncing rocking energy wrapped in a funk exterior. "Wish" is an invitation to study our regrets, and to examine the part of life we talk about the least: its end. The song is, however, testament to the fact we can do such introspection while listening to a groovy, catchy tune.

It's a bold evolution for Blowfuse, who traded the "punk" in punk rock for "funk" on this track. They've honed their sound after touring with punk legends like Bad Religion, NOFX, and Turnstile, and now they're ready to unleash it on the world. The song was even mixed by Descendents' Bill Stevenson at The Blasting Room, giving it a pedigree as impressive as its sound.

Get ready to face your fears, dance your heart out, and experience the next chapter in Blowfuse's musical journey, as the band's new record 'The 4th Wall' will be out March 1st via SBÄM Records and HFMN CREW.

In their 10 year trajectory, Blowfuse has managed to transform their music into a full-on experience, complete with their own imagery: crazy live shows, representative music videos and a fever for all things frantic.

One thing is for sure: this Barcelona based 4-piece band has never had any regard for genre clichés. Taking influence from hardcore punk and 90s alternative rock, Blowfuse has evolved into a house of energy, a testament to the quizzical nature of their music. Their 4 members, Oscar, Richard, Sergi and Henry, understand their music as an inwardly experience aimed at delving into the mind’s ins & outs. Just like a slingshot, that introspection has become an unexpected premise for a blazing and vital live show.

Such personality has steered the band towards internationally co-touring with revered bands such as Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise or Good Riddance, among many others. While touring Japan, UK and Europe they have also shared stage with bands like Turnstile, The Offspring or Rise Against. Blowfuse has frantically performed on the stage of festivals such as Resurrection Fest (SP), Punk in Drublic (EU), Punk rock Holiday (SL), Jera on Air (NL) or the Xtreme Fest (FR)

March the 1st 2024 marks the launching date of their 4th studio album “The 4th Wall” which will be released under several international labels like SBÄM Records (home of bands like Mad Caddies, Frenzal Rhomb or No Fun At All), HFMN Crew (home of Talco, The Baboon Show or Crim), Epidemic Records and Infected Records.

Spring 2024 will set Blowfuse off into a full-on European Tour.



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