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Award-Winning Country/Roots Indigenous Artist Nelson Little Releases Brand New Single 'High Road'

Manitoba-based Nelson Little is a three-time Manitoba Country Music Association award nominee and Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award winner who uses his gripping vocal talent to deliver his powerful and personal lyrics.

Nelson is no stranger to working with top Canadian talent, and has teamed up with Stephen Arundell and Dave Wasyliw, esteemed songwriter, vocalist, producer, and one half of Juno and 12x CCMA award winning band, Doc Walker to pen “High Road”.

Born from Nelson’s personal experience of worrying about his oldest son struggle with staying interested in school during the pandemic, “High Road” is a gripping, uplifting track that encourages listeners to keep their heads high as we all come to terms with the impact that the pandemic has had on society as a whole. Featuring Nelson’s smokey, rich vocals, the sweet sounds of acoustic guitar, and the unexpected, yet seamlessly woven in accordion tones, “High Road” represents the decision to turn the other cheek and pick our battles in times of debate and divide. Filled with seamless harmonies, both an accordion and guitar solo, and a melody that perfectly compliments the message of the song, “High Road” packs a powerful lesson into an expertly crafted track.

With the goal of expanding past his own personal narrative, Nelson teamed up with co-writers Stephen Arundell and Dave Wasyliw to craft “High Road”’s message about gaining respect from one another when we choose to leave petty debates alone from a bigger societal lens that more listeners would be able to relate to. “High Road”’s repeated mantra of “let those sleeping dogs lie in someone else’s bed,” truly encompasses Nelson’s seasoned advice for the world in a melodious, bright and encouraging track.

Nelson said of the song,"I started writing the song ‘High Road’ in regards to my oldest son (10) who started struggling in school during the pandemic. Rather than creating the entire song around his new struggle, the co-writers (Dave Wasyliw/ Stephen Arundell) and I focused on the debates and indifferences that the pandemic has caused to society as a whole. The best advice most people would have for confrontation or debate is to… ‘put the fight down and take the high road’."

Born north of the 55th parallel in Thompson, Manitoba, and raised just outside Riding Mountain National Park, Nelson Little has been performing and entertaining audiences for the last decade and more. A captivating songwriter, and energetic performer, He has made his way across the Canadian provinces time and time again, proving himself as one of the hardest working musicians around, working tirelessly to tell his story and share his songs. He has shared the stage with acts Charlie Major, The Sheepdogs, and has performed at some of Canada’s biggest festivals including AbDay Live and Festival du Voyageur.

Nelson draws inspiration from real life events, stories passed down through family, and the ups and downs of life, and creates something that not only people can relate to, but will leave a lasting impression. Little, who is of Metis heritage, was awarded the APCMA’s Most Outstanding Manitoban award in 2014, the same year he saw an APCMA nomination for his song ‘Only You’. He had further success with his single ‘Keep Me Close’, making it to #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown in 2020.

2021 saw the release of his latest single ‘Nickel Mine’ which made its way to commercial Country radio, and was picked up by numerous playlists. The same year he was nominated for three Manitoba Country Music Awards awards. Nelson will release his new single ‘High Road’ on May 20.

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