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Award-Winning Canadian Singer-Songwriter Julian Taylor Releases Beautiful New Single 'Wide Awake'

Photo Credit: Lisa MacIntosh.

Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Julian Taylor has released a beautiful new single, "Wide Awake" from his forthcoming album “Beyond The Reservoir”. The song is the 2nd single from the album, following on from 'Seeds'.

Says Julian of the thoughts behind the song, "So many people close to me had been dealing with loss in their lives. I was feeling for them. I had been dealing with my own thoughts and feelings about who I am and what’s important to me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I deal with feelings of regret. Sometimes, I unintentionally live inside my own head too often and those thoughts don’t really help me with my own mental stability, and those thoughts have caused people around me harm as well. I now know that what I think about has a lot to do with my own happiness and the energy that I put out into the world.”

He continues “I now know that I am perfect in all of my imperfectness, and that everything that has happened needed to happen exactly the way that it did. Who I am and where I come from means so much because of the struggle that it took for my family to get here in the first place. What I have done and where my thoughts and actions have taken me is important because it has helped shape who I am and who I continue to become. We are interwoven and we are all so fortunate to be a part of the universal fabric of life. When I look at things that way, I am so grateful for everything and for everyone who has ever shown me love. I can only hope that I have repaid the favour in some way."

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Julian Taylor has been part of the musical landscape in Canada for two decades. Taylor enjoyed a breakthrough year in 2020, when his second solo acoustic album, The Ridge, earned more than five million plays on Spotify, praise from press worldwide, and airplay from Canada and the U.S. to Australia and the U.K.

In addition to winning Solo Artist of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, The Ridge was also nominated for two JUNO Awards (Contemporary Folk Album of The Year, Indigenous Artist or Group of the Year), the Polaris Prize Long List, a Summer Solstice Indigenous Award (Contemporary Folk Album of the Year), a Canadian Music Week INDIES Award (Indigenous Artist of the Year), and an additional Canadian Folk Music Award nomination in the English Songwriter of the Year category. The nominations and awards kept coming in 2022, with Taylor winning Best Male Artist in the International Acoustic Music Awards, and gaining five Native American Music Award nominations.


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